Snapchat making it easier to find user-created lenses

Snapchat iPhone

In December, Snapchat launched Lens Studio, a new way for users to create their own lenses. The company later worked with Canadian indie developers Studio MDHR (Cuphead) and Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve) to further improve the feature.

Now, Snapchat has introduced Lens Explorer, which will let users better navigate more than 100,000 lenses that have been created to date. Stories that have been created using these special lenses will also be displayed in this section.

Users can swipe up on a snap to unlock the lens being used in it. The feed of lenses will be personalized to the user based on several factors, including location.

Previously, discovering new lenses on Snapchat was a more difficult process, given that the app would only highlight some of the most popular ones in the Discover section. The new dedicated Lens Explorer section

Lens Explorer is currently only available on iOS. Snapchat hasn’t confirmed when the feature might come to Android.

Via: The Verge