YouTube Picture in Picture is now available in Canada with YouTube Premium

YouTube Picture-in-Picture

Back in 2017, Google added Picture in Picture (PIP) to Android 8.0 Oreo. The feature allows users who are watching a video to minimize it so that they can multi-task. This allows users to text, scroll through Instagram and email their friends, all while not having to pause a video.

While PIP has been around for more than a year — if you include the Android O beta — Canadians haven’t been able to use the feature with YouTube. While apps like Netflix and Chrome allowed the functionality, PIP within YouTube was only available with a YouTube Red subscription. And YouTube Red never made it north of the border.

Now that YouTube Premium is available in Canada, Canadians can use YouTube PIP feature on their Android O devices.

To enable PIP in YouTube, watch a video and press the home button. The video will then appear at the bottom of the display. Users can then move the minimized video to anywhere on the screen. To go back to the YouTube app, tap on the minimized video window and press the scare that appears on the middle to expand the app. To exit out of PIP tap on the minimized video and press the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

At least for me, this is a nice added feature for YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium also allows users to download YouTube videos, watch videos without ads and have YouTube play in the background, meaning the app no longer has to stay open, if you just wanted to listen to music.

A YouTube Premium subscription is $11.99 CAD and is available through the YouTube app and the YouTube Music app.