Samsung to announce four new Galaxy J phones: report

Samsung Galaxy logo

Samsung will launch four new Galaxy J series phones as early as this month, according to a report by TechRadar.

The South Korean tech giant’s J series of phones have long been a more affordable option, if not always the most stylish. But that may be set to change, according to the report. The Korean tech giant is purportedly bringing its bezel-less ‘Infinity Display’ technology to these new phones.

The Infinity Display was popularized with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S9 phones. Bringing the design to this lower-end device could make the Galaxy J series more attractive to customers.

On top of that, Samsung’s ‘S Bike’ mode is reported to return on these phones. The feature was released on the Indian variants of the Galaxy J3, J5 and J7. When activated, the phone will automatically message callers to tell them you’re riding and can’t speak right now. It also hides notifications and logs information about your bike rides, like how far you’ve ridden.

Additionally, the phones will have Samsung’s Ultra Data Savings (UDS) mode and a ‘turbo speed’ technology. The UDS mode limits data usage by restricting it to only the app you’re currently using, effectively disabling background data from running.

According to a report by PhoneArena, the ‘turbo speed’ technology is essentially software optimization to reduce the impact of core apps that come installed on the phone and hardware optimization to improve the efficiency of RAM. In other words, Samsung was able to reduce the size of its apps and make them run smoother.

It looks like Samsung is making a big push to take back the budget market with the J series. With a set of fast, stylish devices, these phones could be a very attractive option for customers looking for a reliable, affordable phone without a lengthy contract.

Source: TechRadar