Android Wear 2.8 update adds new jet-black theme

A glimpse at the new black background for Android Wear 2.8

Google has started rolling out Android Wear’s 2.8 update, with some users reporting they’ve already been able to get it on smartwatch. Aside from the bog-standard stability and performance upgrades, 2.8 also comes with a system-wide black background to replace the previous grey one.

The black background showing the update number and other details

The black theme can be accessed from the usual settings pages and the app drawer. As of the moment, it seems that only watches with an AMOLED display are able to access the theme, though it is possible non-AMOLED devices will get it once the update officially launches.

Do you prefer the new black theme, or will you be sticking to the old grey theme? Do you still even use Android Wear at all? Let us know!

Source: Android Central, via Reddit