Petro-Can’s $15 promo prepaid plan returns with unlimited text, 100 nationwide minutes

Petro-Canada Mobility’s $15 CAD promo prepaid plan with 100 nationwide minutes and unlimited text has returned.

The mobile reseller, which is owned by Ztar Mobile and operates on Rogers’ GSM network, last offered the plan for a limited-time period beginning in in late August 2017.

To take advantage of the plan, customers can bring their own device or purchase one of Petro-Can’s prepaid options and then order a SIM card, activate and register their account (all of which is possible online).

The offer stands out as one of the highest value prepaid plan offerings on the market. Koodo is currently competing most closely with Petro-Can Mobility’s deal, offering unlimited text for $15 for 30 days, plus a free 100 minute Talk Booster add-on. However, Koodo’s Talk Booster add-on is a one-time freebie, valid until entirely used, while Petro-Can Mobility’s is 100 minutes per month.

Meanwhile, at 7-11 Speakout, another of the few wireless resellers in Canada, unlimited text and 100 Canada-wide minutes is currently $20.

Rogers’ $15 per month prepaid plan features only unlimited Canadian text, picture and video messaging, as does Bell’s $15.75 plan. Telus, meanwhile, has a $22 prepaid plan with 50 local minutes and unlimited international SMS and MMS, or a $10 prepaid plan with 50 local minutes and 50 Canadian and international texts.

It should be noted, however, that Petro-Can Mobility’s text allotments reportedly don’t include picture messaging, giving a competitors a slight edge in that respect.

Source: Petro-Canada Mobility Via: Red Flag Deals