Desert Golfing is a simple, sand-filled golf game [Game of the Week]

This week’s Game of the Week is Desert Golfing, a simple mobile title focused on one specific sport — Golf.

Desert Golfing is very minimalist, with the player’s only task being to enjoy an endless game of golf. With a tap and a quick swipe, the ball moves through the hazardous desert environment, in hopes of landing in the sought-after hole.

Desert Golfing tallies up every shot that’s taken and then adds it when the ball finally lands in the hole. The higher the score, the worse your performance, though this doesn’t really matter because the game doesn’t feature a competitive leaderboard. Competing with friends, or challenging your own score are common goals I worked toward during my time with the game.

Desert Golfing is incredibly easy until you begin to encounter the game’s later levels where the desert’s physics begin to work against you. Getting the ball over a mound becomes increasingly difficult as you move through the game.

In that same vein, thinking you have the ball aimed at just the right angle, only to watch it slide the other way due to the sand or the slight incline of the hill, is something players will commonly run into with Desert Golfing.

Desert Golfing is priced at $1.99 CAD in the Google Play Store and $2.79 in the  iOS App Store.