Google Home job listing hints touchscreen speaker could be in the works

Google Home Mini

Google has been rumoured to be working on a touchscreen Home device for a number of months now.

A recent job posting for what is described as a “touch sensor hardware engineer,” which was originally spotted by Variety, continues to hint that a multi-touch Assistant-powered speaker could be in the works at the tech giant.

The listing states, “In this role, you’ll work on the next generation of Google Hardware to enable the best multi-touch user experience.”

Google is likely working on its own version of Amazon’s Echo Show, which still hasn’t been released in Canada despite the fact that the 2nd Gen Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus finally made their way north of the U.S. border.

Back in October, Google was forced to address an issue with the Home Mini’s touch sensor. In some cases, the pint-sized voice-activated speaker was listening to everything around it, and not just when the user said the “Okay, Google,” wake command, leading to privacy concerns.

While currently little is known about the possibly in-production speaker, if it does actually exist, it will be interesting to see what Google’s take on an Assistant-powered touchscreen speaker.

Via: The Verge Source: Variety