Telus will start selling the Apple Watch Series 3 on December 8th


  • Riley Freeman

    so they give you the watch for free with a phone. wish they just let you subsidize it on its own.

    • John Lofwire

      they wont do that in Quebec that for sure.

      At the price they charge plans in rest of the canada they could give you 5 watch and still make money lol.

    • Joshua

      It is available without getting a phone as well. MS has it incorrect in the article. (I’m a rep)

    • Dimitri

      So will it be $0 down as well or will cost $200 on a 2yr term? I switched over to Telus on Oct 30th. So it would be good getting the watch on a $0 down.

    • Riley Freeman

      thanks for letting me know. I only have my ipad with telus so if you HAVE to have a phone line then it still doesnt help me.

      The apple watch i want is the stainless steel black and thats 970$ with tax. I really dont feel like paying that in one shot. I`d rather do the monthly thing the same way they do ipads

    • Dimitri

      Telus offers it on their easy payment plan online and store as of tomorrow. The 42MM steel one is 24.99 a month ontop of the $10 a month fee. That’s what the telus store at STC and at York street told me. You have the option to do it online and pay the taxes online and the esim as well once u place the order

    • Riley Freeman

      thanks much appreciated

    • Riley Freeman

      sorry i see it on the website now but i dont see stainless steel. Only the space grey. are you sure they sell the black stainless steel one?

    • Dimitri

      They removed that option and it’s only a sports one they have. I picked it up space gray sports model 42mm from telus store at STC. They were supposed to get the stainless steel one but Apple changed it on them last minute. It ducks because that’s a nice one. Oh well

    • Riley Freeman

      thanks man

  • szinck

    wonder how long until Koodo offers it, if at all…..

  • Day Seven

    Wow Double the price of Bell? What a Scam!