Telus’ Apple Watch Series 3 LTE smartwatch data plans are now available [Update]


  • Xperienc3

    Bell is half the cost and shares from your existing pool. Not this nonsense…

    Not to mention, your first 3 months are free with Bell.

    • Corey Proulx

      but bell

    • southerndinner

      Bell is also the most evil of the 3 evil companies

    • John Lofwire

      Bell = share your existing data plan but the watch will use data so be careful.
      Telus = 1 gb of added data.


  • YoGoerz

    How is this the same as Bells cost?

    • basesloadedwalk

      bell is only $5 for a few months before it goes to the regular $10. The bigger question is why would anyone pay $10 more a month to access data buckets that you already own.

    • formulaphone

      Or buy a cellular smartwatch to begin with….do you really wanna be the person that talks to their wrist?

    • Omis

      The best thing about smart watches are all the scenarios people invent to justify needing one. They are useless and redundant.

    • Youknowmesowell

      My wife and I own 6 smart watches. They are all good and each has its use(s) (two are more aesthetically pleasing).
      They have saved and earned us a lot of money and time. They are also incredibly convenient for many daily tasks. I often spend an entire day without looking at my phone.

      It’s stupid to assume a piece of technology that you don’t use is useless or redundant. You only need to read ONE detailed reviews to understand their benefits.
      Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

    • gremlin0007

      How does a depreciating asset earn you lots of money?

    • easyIPTV

      It’s all in how you use the watch.

    • Omis

      I’ll stick to my pocket smart watch. Bigger screen, more powerful, and more features.

    • John Lofwire

      Good one lol.

    • Youknowmesowell

      Rapid stock movements/actions, discrete messaging in sales meetings based on live information.
      Change of plans while on the move, flight changes. Weather alerts and other changes while active (cycling).

      Most people earn a living using depreciating assets.. But I guess you think it makes you sound smart.

    • gremlin0007

      Was a legit question, also I figured it was stock based finance things and not the watch itself making you money. Don’t have to be a phallus about it.

    • Youknowmesowell

      My bad

    • gremlin0007

      All good, no worries dude 👍🏻

    • John Lofwire

      Rapid stock movements/actions ( i can do that with my phone.. )
      Discrete messaging ( how tapping on your smartwatch trying to read the tiny character more discrete than using your smartphone under the table?
      Change of plans ect ( i can do all that by voice on my phone… ok google change my 2 pm rendez-vous to 5 pm ect ect )

      home automation/status same nothing i cannot as easily do on my phone.

    • Youknowmesowell

      You’re missing the point; you need to look at every single phone notification in order to capitalize on time sensitive stock movements (I get hundreds of notifications daily). That ends up being incredibly time consuming. With a watch you just glance; if it’s important you act, if not, you keep at whatever you’re doing.

      Discrete messaging while in the board room or presenting allows you to read crucial messages without being seen. There’s nothing discrete about using a phone under a table.

      Change of plans: see point 1.

      Home automation: The whole point of home automation is to reduce unnecessary interactions. It takes me one click on the watch to access all my lights (or scenes), thermostat, door lock, outlets etc etc.
      It’s much faster than a widget or gadget on a phone.

      Try to look at smart watches like a hands free device; of course you can just pick up your phone and talk instead, but it’s often way more convenient to use a hands free unit.

    • John Lofwire

      You clearly do not know how to setup your phone then.

      My phone only important notification are shown and i have always on display so at a glance i see what important.

      i do not need to go tru several notification as you said.

      There nothing discrete about reading a message on a smartwatch btw not more than reading on a phone with always on display by example ( you will be looking at the screen 😉 )

      I have google home and tablet in every room so all home automation is done by voice even more convenient than your watch.
      Can also be done on my phone by voice even if its in my pocket.

      So sorry nothing you do on your small smartphone attached to your wrist that i cannot do on my full size one.

    • Youknowmesowell

      You clearly know nothing about me; but keep that presumptuous attitude, I’m sure you’ll benefit from it.
      For starters, I receive about 6-10 work emails an hour. Never mind any work or personal messaging apps.
      My phone is not laying on table to be read, it’s usually in my suit or pant pocket.

      So you have a google home and tablet in every room to replace 1 relatively inexpensive watch. Well played, you showed me good….

      Last point, NO ONE IS DISPUTING THAT. Your reading comprehension is terrible. In fact, I figuratively said the exact same thing using the hands free device example in my previous post. You’re dumb af buddy.

    • John Lofwire

      I work in IT i get twice that amount of emails lol i have 4 email box on my phone and i still can easily manage the notification so i only see the important one ( the others emails are not important one that need to be check once every 24 hours )

      I have a bigger screen so i can see more notifications at the same time than a tiny screen of a watch.

      i dont need the phone laying in the table i have a holster lol i can get my phone out and glance at it just as fast as you do on your watch.

      Google home in all room because i have a family of 4 you dumbnut also i like having sound system in all room. the cost of all my home product and 1 tablet is probably what 500 600$ ? price of a good smartwatch.

      So stop acting Dumb you the one that started acting all mighty with your device that in fact give nothing that another one can already do and even do it better.

      You started with the presumtuous attitude btw. ( by saying i need to look at every notification on a phone when its false as i can set them up to not appear if they are not important )

      Good day 😉

    • Omis

      Yes instead of looking at your phone screen, you spend it looking at your watch screen which is nothing more than a smaller version of your phone.

      Like I said, it’s fun watching people create scenarios to justify having a smart watches.

    • John Lofwire

      When they offer more than 1 day of usage i be interested.
      They also mostly look bad ( with few exceptions that do not hold charge for more than 1 day with minimal usage )

      Its mostly beta product if you like that its okay.
      I will wait for a more finished product.

    • Youknowmesowell

      I’m using a Gear S3 frontier ATM and I can get about 3 days (24/7 on). My Pebble time steel lasted 7-10 days (it also had more useful apps).

      The sweet spot for me could be as little as 2-3 days as long as there’s fast charging (S3 charging speed is awful). However, my wife would charge her Pebble round(s) when she showered and it would last her until next day’s shower.

    • John Lofwire

      Gear S3 i used it for a month.. was hardly able to get more than 1-2 days out of it… i am really a power user.

      Pebble i did not test latest model but earlier one where too limited..

      So for me its a no go i want 1 week average battery time so for me its will hold at least a few days lol.

    • easyIPTV

      I run a business and I receive emails and texts from clients and suppliers all the time.
      Sometimes if I don’t respond to a client in minutes (literally minutes) it can mean losing several thousands of dollars.

      If I am driving, with a watch I can see if the message is an important one where I need to pull over and reply to right away, I pull over. Or if it’s not an important one, I can ignore and keep driving.

      I’d prefer to quickly glance at the watch than pick up the phone to see what the message. Sure they’re both distractions, but one is more of a distraction than the other IMHO.

    • Omis

      Even my crumby dodge caravan can read texts back to me without me touching my phone.

    • John Lofwire

      Or you can upgrade your car audio system to one that support apple car play or android auto.

      That what i did in my SUV and now i dont have to touch anything to see my text ect and i can reply using voice only.

      I do agree with you that if a client want something now.. a question of min they will go to another place.

    • JoMore

      Bluetooth headphones…

    • John Lofwire

      Bell is 5$ for a few months and then 10$ just to share your data bucket.
      Telus 10$ include 1 gb of extra data.

  • nursedude

    The Telus plan does not allow people on business/corporate/EPP plans to activate the watches at present. Spent almost an hour on hold with the flying monkeys of support to find this out.

    • Andrew Allan

      I had the same trouble today as well!

  • easyIPTV

    So, I called up TELUS and spoke to a guy in tech support (usually they’re in Canada and aren’t totally incompetent).

    Apparently the $10 gives you 1GB of data + shares your iPhone data. So it’s not bad a deal considering you get 1GB of extra data for $5 more (compared to BELL).

    You have have a current data plan, can’t be on a Loyalty data plan — I’m not giving up my 6GB $30 data plan for a stupid watch.

    If you have a corp plan, you’re out of luck too.

  • John Lofwire

    A big informations missing Bell 5$ do not include any data where Telus 10$ include 1 gb added data.