Google patents device with two touchscreen displays that can come together as one laptop

google hq

Google has patented a concept that utilizes two touchscreen displays which can can work together or work apart from one another.

The patented device is able to work separately as two functioning tablets, or work as one combined laptop.

Google Duo Display

When put together, the two displays share computing power, application memory and storage. When separated, each of these specifications will be halved. Additionally, when the tablets are separated, they can be used in conjunction, depending on specific apps.  However, in tablet mode the patent suggests that the device can utilize two separate applications.

Additionally, when attached the patented device will use the bottom touch screen as a keyboard, similar to Lenovo’s Yoga Book. The device, if it ever comes to market, would likely be a lot more expensive than Lenovo’s Yoga Book, since the Yoga Book is technically one device — not two.

Source: Fresh Patent, Via: Slash Gear