HP unveils ZBook x2, world’s first detachable workstation

Manufacturer claims that convertible PC is for creators “who need to push Adobe Creative Cloud” to the limit


  • gremlin0007

    How is it the first detachable workstation? I have the Surface tab pro…

    • John Lofwire

      That thing eat your surface pro alive..

      surface pro is a very good laptop replacement and i dont want to downgrade it.
      but no surface pro can support 32 gb of ram nor a professional grade GPU ( Nvidia’s Quadro M620 )

      Two different beast.
      one is a laptop replacement a great one.
      one is a workstation replacement ( i wont say how good it is until i can see more review but for price its seem good )

  • Zac Monchamp

    Sigh… I don’t buy HP and their battery life claims. I have an Elite X2 and at best just reading a pdf I get maybe 5-6 hours.

    Also I love the marketing spin on the NVME PCI-e based SSD. The down side is that Samsung offers really poor support for their OEM drives, so you are reliant on HP for the drivers, firmware, and support software. Though at least at the moment you can install and use the Samsung NVME drivers, since the MS native driver is lacking. The downside of having that speed though is that the power consumption is noticeable.

    Back on topic…

    This thing sounds like a proper upgrade/replacement for the Vaio Canvas tablet. Hopefully it won’t suffer from the nasty keyboard power drain issues that plague the non-smart-card equipped keyboards for the Elite X2 1012. I have a hard time justifying a $3-400 keyboard to fix a factory problem.

  • Brad Fortin

    two USB 3.1 Type-C ports

    Thunderbolt 3 ports.