ZTE reveals the Axon M, a wacky looking dual-display smartphone


  • Bruce Wayne


  • heynow00

    It just looks awkward.

  • Eric King

    I have a feeling the battery isn’t quite to scale with this setup.

    • Smanny

      If you don’t fold out the back display, then the 3200 mha battery should be just fine. Besides a number of flagships last year using the SD 821 had smaller batteries with 2k displays. Plus if you take the two 1920×1080 and add them up, comes out to almost the same number of pixels as a single 2k display. Since the SD 821 can drive VR headsets with a 2k display at a sustainable 60 fps, then it should easily drive two separate full HD displays.

    • John Lofwire

      With both screen active its will have average battery life.
      With one screen closed its will have amazing battery life.
      So you can choose what you want and its good to have choice.
      Different design ect.

      Too bad its not coming to Canada i would try it.

  • hoo dat

    I just don’t see the point of this.

    • Smanny

      It’s pushing the envelope. Think about it if everyone believed that part about nobody can see past 326 PPI. Then there would be no smartphones with 2k or even full HD displays. If we don’t push the technology boundaries, then who will push them in the future, and when?

    • hoo dat

      I admit that pushing the envelope is essential to the progress of technology, but these sorts of useless baubles are usually relegated to the ‘concept only’ pile with the more useful bits of tech showing up in various other devices. Tech history is littered with failed devices which usually all share the same traits: ultimately too gimmicky and useless in the real world.

    • John Lofwire

      That the first step next one will be a foldable screen with no seam.
      Every tech need to start somewhere just like back in the day when Samsung came out with the note serie.

      Majority of ppl said this type of device would never sell well ( go do some search if you dont beleive me ) they said its was too big and clunky and all the crap.

      What happening today? we are getting even bigger screen.

      I dont like those bezel less phone i really dont but its the trend.

      you should learn to stop acting as if you hold the ultimate truth.
      Everyone have differents need learn to respect them.

    • John Lofwire

      Ultimate multi tasking smartphone is one BIG point 😉

    • hoo dat

      It’s going to bulkier and probably heavier than a decent 7-8″ tablet. Too much multi-tasking in something that’s supposed to be a phone isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    • John Lofwire

      Bulkier than a 7-8 inch tablet?
      Care to explain that?

      for sure its easier to pocket than a 7-8 inch tablet ( unless its foldable one wich dont exist yet )

      Sure its thicker but heavier i highly doubt.

      If you dont like just dont like but start to say untruth thing you sound like a hater.

    • hoo dat

      Yes bulkier. It’s not just about being able to put it in a pocket but whether the design lends itself to practical use. The fact you have to unfold it to make full use of it, and the fact there’s a seam right through the middle of the screen hardly makes this the most utile device on the planet, does it? And yes, the size equivalent of two phones folded in on themselves is bound to make this device unnecessary bulky and heavy, for example; ZTE’s last 5″ device was the Tempo X which weighs 142g, the Axom M weighs 230g. So yes heavier and bulkier. My daughter’s Lenovo Tab 4-7 which is hardly a harbinger of modern tech weighs 244g, I would expect ‘newer’ tabs to weigh a lot less with better specs. Plus that weight is evenly distributed throughout the device itself, making it comfortable to hold and use, did it not cross your mind that one side of this device will be heavier than the other with one side being just screen? Imagine how unbalanced that would feel.

      So, I stand by my argument; a fold out design like this is less practical from a design perspective than using a simple 7″ tablet.

      Oh, and NEVER call me a hater or for saying untruths again. It shows your limited ability to have a proper discussion about anything you seem to be emotionally attached to.

    • John Lofwire

      a 6.7 inch tablet that can be folded will be much easier to use as one that cannot be folded ( i can fold it and use it one hand something that will be much harder on a bigger screen )

      The seam is not that bad but that a question of taste and not everyone have same taste as YOU or me 😉

      230g is nothing you must be one of those ppl who want super thin phone with no bezel that break easily and have no battery life.

      As for your tablet example : Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 = 276g , Apple ipad mini 4= 299g just example.

      Still 230g is nothing i had phone weight way more like the Sonim xp7 at 290g

      As for weight distribution did you handle the Axon M? its might be even more balanced than you think so dont judge before seeing.

      So i stand by my judgement that depending on needs ( by example be able to put the device in your pocket ) this will be more practucal than using a simple 7 inch tablet.

      I will call you a hater if i want to not happy block me.
      You said untruths thing and keep on doing it ( like you say that the Axon M is unbalanced when you dont have a clue as you never had the phone in hand and no one on the web said its was unbalanced )

      You show your limited ability to have a proper discussion by acting as if your point of view should fit everyone.

      did you not see i clearly stated its depend on what you need the device for?

      So go ahead block me if you are unhappy mr liar.

    • hoo dat

      Um, wow. Like I said, emotionally involved.


  • Alex

    i think its a pretty cool phone. Granted i’d never buy it, and given to me for free, i’d barely use it either. The concept of it is nice though. GIven more time, and some better implementation of this concept, and you have a killer phone. Best of both worlds. BIg Screen, Small phone. Also, i love big screens for watching quick youtubes, or netflix on the go, but hate carrying a big phone…. this type of phone could solve that in the future.