BlackBerry QNX’s autonomous vehicle just drove on public roads for the first time


  • Marshall Davidson

    Blackberry nor QNX are major players in the autonomous car space and what’s the big deal here anyway? They ‘demonstrated’ this back in January at the CES in Vegas and if memory serves more people seemed to care about the Keyone than some pie-in-the-sky notion this company matters in self-driving cars.
    Delusion is the guiding principle behind these QNX farces

    • xBURK

      Yeah, BlackBerry’s QNX should just be scrapped. Sure, it did well in the Space Shuttle, current critical medical systems, the 60 million cars it’s already in, the new Radar tracking systems, many car distribution deals, government grade communications, etc, etc, but yeah, it’s all just a pipe dream.

    • Dimitri

      People don’t bother researching before making comments. The above user has no clue that QNX is basically the backbone for many companies servers / systems including NASA, Tracking systems and car manufacturers ( I believe GM and Ford have the software with QNX).

      Haters will always hate but never actually do some research.

    • VU 3SCD

      I agree..

    • Marshall Davidson

      Who cares. Its not the only option for car manufacturers when you consider that Google, Apple, NVIDIA etc. are making major inroads in this area and have far more resources to pour into it than Blackberry.
      As far as NASA, tracking systems, nuclear power plants etc. go for QNX what exactly has that done for their bottom line the past 7 years since BBRY bought it? Yeah. Exactly. Nothing.

    • Dimitri

      How would you know though? Your just a user on MS complaining about a company which works for NASA, Nuclear plants, Tracking systems and other systems around the world including car manufacturers have built in which run QNX behind the scenes.

      Apple and Google won’t come near going into software bases for NASA or even tracking systems. Why? Because Apple and Google will won’t be able to make systems for them. They can’t come near the software that QNX runs for NASA, Nuclear power plants, Tracking systems.

      Remember this. Even let’s say Apple does, NASA and the rest won’t drop QNX for Apple software. How many times have hackers been able to jailbreak devices running IOS? You really think NASA, Nuclear plants want that? Lol.

    • Marshall Davidson

      I know because I know how to read a balance sheet and the financials over the past 6-7 years here do not tell a success story when it comes to revenue let alone profit from QNX endeavours. Blackberry in the past has quite literally given this technology away but more importantly, as far as cars are concerned, its wide open to commoditization. They no longer possess any major advantage beyond the fact they’ve been in the business longer than others but that could’ve been said about their smartphones before Android or Apple came around.

      You keep focusing on NASA and power plants etc but that’s not what this story is about. Blackberry does not make any serious money from that stuff and it sounds more like for prestige than anything else. In the autonomous car space Google, Apple, Microsoft, Telsa, NVIDIA et al are in a position to seriously challenge QNX to the point of making them just as irrelevant in that space as they are in phones. There is much hype surrounding this aspect of their business but as far as monetizing it goes they are a long long way, if EVER from being able to make it a reality.

      Last but not least, there is no money to be made in selling operating systems. If that’s the business model here then these guys in Waterloo are more out of touch than they realize.

    • Rev0lver

      How many years ago did you say Blackberry would be dead soon? 5? 6?

      You greatly overestimate your business acumen. You’re just another, pathetic armchair quarterback.

    • Dimitri

      That’s why i never bother to reply back to the ones that have little to no clue what they say. Reading about stocks and what they have made ( as a company on their quarters) doesn’t mean they know everything about the company. They just assume they do. Let them be.

    • Rev0lver

      He’s admitted he’s just trying to short the shares. He’s under the delusion that posting negative comments here will drive down the share price. Sad.

    • Rev0lver

      What major companies have you run? Where did you get your business degree?

      Oh, that’s right, you have no experience or credentials in business and are just another useless troll.

    • Rev0lver


    • Nexzen

      nobody is a major player… everyone tryna be the one so calm down.

  • bigshynepo

    Great to see Blackberry’s diversification in action!
    And that digital dash is crazy but I certainly don’t want my music choice front and center. How about a google map?

    • Jeff Thibert

      You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
      You shine them when I’m alone