BlackBerry QNX’s autonomous vehicle just drove on public roads for the first time

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BlackBerry QNX’s autonomous car just hit the streets in Ottawa for the first time.

The official Twitter news channel for BlackBerry QNX tweeted out a Periscope video of the event, in which a grey Lincoln MKZ can be seen driving around a corner on a road lined with spectators. As it gets nearer, the person in the driver’s holds up both hands in the air.

The car carried Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, councillor Marianne Wilkinson and John Wall, general manager of BlackBerry QNX.

BlackBerry QNX has invested heavily in automotive technology in recent years. It revealed its embedded software system platform for autonomous and connected cars in January 2017, and launched an autonomous vehicle research hub in Ottawa in December 2016, promising to spend nearly $100 million CAD on the project.

The research center is a key aspect of Ottawa’s claim to fame as Canada’s autonomous vehicle capital. 

Source: BlackBerry QNX