Windows Phone is no longer a ‘focus’ for Microsoft, no plans for new hardware or features


  • Smanny

    It’s been dead for a long while now. Especially when there is no new devices. Besides that Microsoft has been putting their apps and services on other platforms for a while now. Microsoft finally admits that the primary computing device is now the smartphone. It’s been that way for a long time. I know some will disagree, especially when it comes to development. However the vast majority of the population doesn’t do that. There primary form of computing consists of social media, web browsing, news, weather, stocks, banking, purchasing, videos, music, movies, light gaming, and more. The smartphone can do all those things faster than a PC or laptop, hands down, not to mention it’s much more convenient.

    • It’s Me

      Thanks, Captain Obvious!

    • Captain Pokemon

      Dude, no need to be nasty to him. Lol We all knew Windows Phone is DOA when Balmer bought that from Nokia. What a waste of $. Blackberry phones are so much better. Would have survived if it weren’t for those two arrogant CEOs.

    • It’s Me

      Nasty? I thought I was sort of gentle with him. He likes it when I’m gentle with him.

    • Captain Pokemon


      Happy Thanksgiving to you anyway.

    • Andrew Holt

      Good luck using Auto-CAD on your iphone. And nobody I know at college writes their reports on a smartphone. Hahaha. You’re laughable.

    • It’s Me

      You’re looking at it from the point of view of someone that works with computers or uses them for work. Most professionals or students or knowledge workers or technical workers. Basically most people that are employed and not wearing a name tag or flippping burgers.

      Spammy is looking at it from an entirely different perspective.

      He is however right tht people use their phones much more for all the small, quick tasks. Doesn’t mean Microsoft or anyone else has acknowledged the phone as the primary computing device.

    • Tsordi

      For most people, most of the time, a phone is a best computer they can use. The hardware advantages are inarguable, especially long-term. And any software that doesn’t run on mobile can and will be. PCs will stick around, just like mainframes have, but mobile is already the dominant platform.

  • Shafiq Jetha

    I don’t know if that’s entirely true, there’s a lot of talk going on about Andromeda/One Core, which would suggest that there could be another mobile device from Microsoft, but it will be running full Windows 10 instead of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft’s demos of Windows on ARM have shown that they can develop for mobile chipsets, and it’ll only be a matter of time before we see another mobile device from them, though what sort of form that will take is anybody’s guess.

    • Smanny

      I think you missed the tweet above, where it said they paid developers to make apps. But the numbers were still too low. Now if you use Windows 10 on a smartphone. You still have the problem of missing mobile apps. Even if you can run full blown programs on a Windows 10 mobile device. You still need mobile apps that are written to take advantage of the mobile UI and input compared to the laptop and PC. Because it’s not like users are going to carry a mouse with them to use the Windows 10 programs on a smartphone.

    • Shafiq Jetha

      This is true, but things are pointing toward there being some mobile device in the horizon. Maybe it’s one that has a mouse and capacitive keyboard like the KeyONE. That would certainly get around the issue of needing to interact with desktop-first apps.

    • Elky64

      I think Microsoft’s horizon is on planet Mars so don’t expect anything “soon”.

  • Microsoft bungled windows phone so much it’s amazing.

  • Jason

    With mobile tech today I am really surprised Microsoft didn’t make a full Windows 10 phone that can run regular .exe programs. Yes they will need a slightly more expensive processor but having a full Windows OS on the go would sell me.

    • Walter

      Can you imagine what a device like that would cost!!!

    • Alvin Whotank

      I bet it’s gonna be cheaper than Iphone X.

    • Jason

      I would say you could get a really good unit for $1000. Let’s take netbooks from a few years back, Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM, 10.1in screen, 250GB HDD, wi-fi, etc etc. Intel (I forget the model) has a mobile processor that’s running pretty good, 4GB RAM, 64GB, SD card, LED 5.5in screen, they could build that for about $300 and sell it for $1000, it would be comparable specs to other phones with still being cheaper, plus big corporations would buy them since a user could copy a word doc right to the phone instead of using Google Docs or some free app with 1/16 the features.

  • Anonymous Agent

    I’m not surprised. Haven’t seen any Windows phones being sold in stores or carriers for a very very long time. I only tried 1 windows phone approx 5 years ago and hated it. Didn’t like the layout of the home screen. And didn’t have the apps I needed. And the windows phone battery wouldn’t last me half a day at best.

  • kirfer

    “I like our strategy. I like it a lot!”

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Surface Phone could still be released, but now as a dual boot Android (with Microsoft launcher, Cortana & applications) and Windows 10 (for SnapDragon 83x) device.

    • It’s Me

      Honestly think anyone wants to buy a dual boot device? Niches are fine but that seems less than sustainable.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Alternatively, it could run Android and virtualize Windows via a dock, or have an experience like DeX on the S8 series & Note 8.

    • It’s Me

      Maybe. Dex was was another area that sounded neat in principle but I wonder how much it’s actually used.

  • Windows phone was doomed from the start. They had an early start and it was a bit niche with WM but they dumbed it down to tiles and basically started from scratch. That and the waste Nokia investment did not help the mobile division.
    Their bread and butter is cloud and software, in that order. They will likely cut the surface and the xbox next to focus efforts on what brings in the most money.