Google removed Android Wear smartwatches from its online store and no one noticed


  • Fodder0f4

    Not really surprised.

    I had a Gear Live and while it wasn’t the best device, I was gimmicky. When you can a lot without the watch, there’s really not much point.

    • Smanny

      You could say that about every smart watch. Everyone could live without them. However they are handy, and definitely have their use case. I use mine to unlock my car door, and my front door to my home. It’s even handy to just to quickly check the weather, stocks, or sports scores. Even to look up some quick search responses. They are definitely not for everyone. But they are definitely here to stay.

  • Nundo

    Google’s Android wear has never been and will never be successful as long as other manufacturers continue to make it. The hardware is is significantly huge, and the software is still half baked. 2.0 was an improvement, but that’s all.

    • Smanny

      So I guess Android itself wasn’t successful. Google doesn’t advertise for any of the OEMs that make Android smartphones. The same thing is happening for Android Wear as well. There are a number of Android Wear OEMs.

    • Nundo

      Ummm no. Android is successful, Android wear on the other hand isn’t successful. Android is a mobile operating system. Android wear is a wearable operating system. There is a difference.
      Google’s one job is to provide the software and make money of services. OEM’s job is to produce the hardware. Since none of the smartwatches are manufactured by Google, Google seems to be focusing on Made by Google products. Which means that advertising isn’t up to them. I think it’s best that you learn to stay on the subject as oppose to randomly commenting.

    • It’s Me

      You’ll have to forgive our dear spammy. He’s one of our special group of 3 wise men that take the short bus to the comments section.

    • Nundo

      No kidding, his/her last comment hurt my head lol

    • It’s Me

      Between him and thereasoner it gets kind of scary around here sometimes. Never sure how much of it is pretending to be thick and how much is actual stupidity.

    • Smanny

      I know the difference between Android and Android Wear. Sure there is a difference in user input and screen sizes, but you can take an Android app and easily make it work on Android Wear, but everything else is the same under the covers with both OS’s.

      Oh and both Android, and Android Wear apps end up on the same play store. I already know that Google doesn’t make any smart watches now. When Android Wear first came out. It was only smartphone OEMs that were making Android Wear smart watches. Like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Asus, Huawei, and a few others. Then as time moved on Google brought other well known watch vendors on board like Fossil, Casio, and now they have Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Movodo, Polar, New Balance, Nixon, and more. Many of which don’t want to look like they have a built in computer inside their luxury watch brands. Oh and Google maintains the Android Wear OS, and app ecosystem for Android Wear as well (play store). Google currently doesn’t advertise and promote any of those Android Wear smart watch vendors that I mentioned. It’s up to the OEMs to make, advertise, and sell their own Android Wear smart watches.

    • Nundo

      Seriously, please do not comment unless you are sure you know what you are talking about. Do not get the two confused. Android and Android wear are two DIFFERENT platforms. The only things they have in common are they share the word Android, they share the same playstore and they are both made by Google. Nothing else.
      I am an Android app developer and an Android wear watch face developer and NO, you cannot have an Android app and resize it to fit Android wear. That comment you made deserves a huge LOL.
      Just because Android wear is failing, does not mean Android itself has failed. You talked about OEM’s and named a load of them, but what you don’t understand is that the majority of them are not releasing newer Android wear hardware because the sales are not there. Again, please only comment when you are sure you understand the discussion.

    • Smanny

      A watch face app is a different app compared to an actual normal Android Wear App. If you are a developer then you should know that. I am well aware of the different layouts with round and square. If you are a developer, then you should know that you can easily use the exact same code from a regular Android app and use it with an Android Wear app. Of course I said the input and screens would be different. Was suppose to get into the exact details of programming here in the comment section? I didn’t bother getting into the exact details of app development.

      Fossil released some new Android Wear smart watches about a month ago. Their 3rd generation Android Wear smart watches. Montblanc recently released one as well. Also what about Movodo is releasing and Android Wear smart watch fairly soon. So that makes you either a liar, or you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Nundo

      People are apologizing on your behalf because you have a history of posting irrelevant things, and suddenly I am a liar. Do yourself a favour, stop pretending you know what you are talking about. Seriously, stop. The more you type the more ridiculous you look, and the harder I laugh LOLLLLLLLL!

    • Smanny

      Please, since you are supposed to be a developer. Then tell us here why you think Android Wear 2.0 is half baked. Or is that irrelevant since you first stated that? I would to see why you really think it’s half baked.

  • Wunsch

    Another theory could be that they’re shifting their store to focus purely on Google-branded devices, rather than selling other companies’ products there. I noticed, for instance, that the Pixel section mentions there are other headphones that work, but takes you off to a different area to look at them instead of incorporating them into the store right there.

    Since there are no Google-branded smartwatches, there’s no longer a section. Just a theory, of course.

    • It’s Me

      You are probably 100% correct.

      Will anyone one notice if they do bring out a google branded watch?

    • Smanny

      They won’t unless it has some ground breaking hardware and software. Google doesn’t like to step on their OEMs toes.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah. They’ve never competed against their OEMs…
      Motorola, HTC, nexus. Pixel.


    • Smanny

      Google bought Motorola to mainly fight off all the lawsuits brought on by Microsoft and Apple. If you were following along, all the OEMs were unhappy that Google was able to build its own smartphones. So to appease all the OEMs, especially Samsung. Google sold off Motorola’s manufacturing to Lenovo and they also get to use Motorola patents. Plus Motorola’s patents also helped gave a benefit to the other Android OEMs.

      Also Google made the Pixel last year to showcase the new Daydream VR hardware and new tracking sensors which are used for both Daydream and the Pixels Camera EIS. Just in case you didn’t realize this was the first Daydream VR device. The Nexus line mainly showcased Google’s software updates. But people like you will dismiss things like that.

    • It’s Me

      Do people have as little respect for your blathering nonsense in real life? Do you really think that writing a bunch of irrelevant words tricks people into thinking you have even a faint clue? I honestly wonder, because you seem to go out of your way to talk yourself into sounding like such a clueless baboon.

      Hopefully your other slow friends show up. They’re always fun 😉

    • Smanny

      What exactly is nonsense or irrelevant? What part is that? Please if you think it’s nonsense, then tell everyone here what is wrong exactly? If I have a faint clue, then you must know what what is real then, so please enlighten all of us here with your great wisdom.

      Was the part about Google buying Motorola with it’s over 17000 patents false? Or was it the part about helping Google to help fight off all those lawsuits brought on by Microsoft and Apple? Sorry but that was all real. Look it up yourself.

      Maybe it was the part where Google sold off Motorola to appease the other Android OEMs, especially the biggest complainer Samsung? All true.

      Maybe it was the part where I said “Also Google made the Pixel last year to showcase the new Daydream VR hardware and new tracking sensors which are used for both Daydream and the Pixels Camera EIS.”? Sorry that was true as well.

      Or was it the part where I said “The Nexus line mainly showcased Google’s software updates.”? That part was true as well.

      So what part was irrelevant or not true?

    • It’s Me

      The part where you said google doesn’t step on OEM toes. That was particularly enlightening as to how thick you actually are. The part where you actually tried to blame Apple for google failing with Wear was another gem.

      And Motorola for the patents? Dimwit, Motorola started those lawsuits with Apple and MS. Google literally bought into existing lawsuits when they were the one party not suing or being sued. Not exactly avoiding them brick. Duh. SMFH

      Go back to bed spammy. You missed the shortbus again. Can’t even keep up with the shortbus. It’s really difficult to believe people as dense as you are allowed out on your own.

    • Smanny

      You truly are ignorant.

      Use Google or even bing to check it out yourself.

      But hey in your mind Apple, and Microsoft were innocent when they were funding a patent troll to go after Google and Android. Google lost the bid for the Nortel patents back in 2011 to the Rockstar consortium, which consists of Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Blackberry, and a few others for the sum of 4.5 billion. It’s why Google went and bought Motorola right after for 12 billion. Because they knew that both Apple and Microsoft were going to sue, and guess what, they did. 100% a fact. I don’t know what you read, but it is all over the internet that both Apple and Microsoft went after Google, and their Android OS.

      Google did mainly buy Motorola for it’s large patent portfolio. Which it was definitely used to help fend off the lawsuits from both Apple and Microsoft. Oh, and they sold Motorola to definitely appease all the Android OEMs. Both Samsung and LG we’re look at different mobile OS options. Samsung with Tizen, and LG with WebOS.

      This is all factual history. Maybe you are reading those fake news stories again, or you are once again making crap up in your mind. Because once again Apple looks bad, and that means you have to defend at all cost. Even if it means lying, or making up crap.

      Who’s the dimwitted person here? It certainly isn’t me, it’s definitely you its_me. Are you having a mid life problems? Or does that receding hairline bother you? Maybe your Avatar business isn’t doing so well? Who knows? Only you know why you are a liar? In any case, you should get a girlfriend. That might help you.

    • It’s Me

      Oh you slow, simple bugger. Are you truly so dense that you don’t know that when you guess and assume and presume, you aren’t just presenting facts? You’re presenting you’re opinion of the facts dimwit.

      But please, do use google. Find out who sued whom first. Find out that google literally bought their way into a lawsuit.

      You really are trying to prove you have no clue, aren’t you?

      Did it hurt? Your head injury I mean. Because clearly you suffer from seriously diminished capacity 😉 (that’s a nice way to say you’re slow)

    • Smanny

      Why are you like this? You are now officially a troll or a liar, or both. Apple sued Motorola first, and lost. Clearly you forgot that part. Then after that Motorola sued Apple. This all on the internet and documented. Someone like you needs to be treated like an old cow. Taken out to pasture and shot. Only I would have more respect for a cow, than you. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Your people shoot old cows? What did they do with your mom?

      Moto sued first. Read dimwit. Or have someone read it to you.

      Oct, 2010, moto sues apple. Later Apple counter sued. Are you really this dishonest or dim? Did you really not know this? Or are you this slow?

      Now, back to your mom… did you shoot your mom or did she shoot herself because of the shame you brought her? Did your daddy abuse her too, or just you?

      Honestly, was your brain injured during childhood or adulthood? Thanks for proving everyday that every the dumbest people in the world can access the internet 😉

    • Stephen B Morris

      Depends. They would if they felt that they brought something different to the table like most of the Made By Google line. The Pixel Watch may make an appearance next year or the following one if they don’t change their mind again. If all of these companies were kids in a classroom, Google would be the gifted kid that also suffers from ADD.

      That being said they created an online Amazon store dedicated to Wear (but web only it seems) and recently started the beta program for 8.0 for the LG Watch (the LTE/NFC one) so it seems like they haven’t given up on Wear yet.

  • KiwiBri

    well, that’ that then..

    • It’s Me

      They’ll be back, I expect.

      Whether anyone notices is another story.

  • AJ

    If it’s really the start to the end of Android Wear platform, I would blame it on watch manufacturer’s greed and Google’s lack of dedication to make it work. Most people that I have seen, who have used watches based on Android Wear incl myself, like them as they do serve a purpose. But is it really worth $300-400 price tag, most definitely not.

    What manufacturers should have done is to keep the prices low so that more people buy it and the price tag justifies the features the platform offers currently. With time as more people use it, platform gets more mature, prices could have been adjusted accordingly. Instead, what they did was to try and milk it from get go which didn’t work as platform isn’t refined enough. From Google’s perspective, they should have tried something what they did with Nexus line initially, keep prices low and drive up the base.

    • It’s Me

      You’re assuming they could have lowered the price much and still maintained any sort of profit. They aren’t in business to support their users as a charity. They’d like to make money.

    • Smanny

      Android Wear is still going, very much so. It even has a vast ecosystem of apps. It’s just that Google has given all the OEMs the tools to make and sell their own smart watches. Look at Tag Heuer, Fossil, Montblanc, Movodo, Nixon, Casio, Polar, New Balance, LG, and many others make and sell their own smart watches. It’s up to them to advertise and sell their own smart watches. Granted they are all using Android Wear OS, and Google’s app ecosystem. But Google has nothing to do with each OEM now. It’s like Android. Does Google go around advertising for Samsung’s, HTC’s, LG’s, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry smartphones? Nope they don’t.

      The other problem was Apple was being a prick with Android Wear an Samsung’s Tizen OS smart watches. For the longest time Apple didn’t place Google’s Android Wear app on Apple’s app store, the same held true for Samsung’s as well. Naturally because Apple wanted their Apple watch to take off, instead of any other smart watch. That’s just how Apple works. They control all aspects of their iOS, hardware, services, and ecosystem. If anyone doesn’t already know this fact, then they have been living under a rock, or are blind to Apple’s antics.

    • It’s Me

      With 80% or more of the market with android, why would Apple matter at all for the failure of Wear? Seems like grasping at straws. Why not blame Blackberry for no one buying Wear? Or Nokia? What does this have to do with Apple at all?

      Weird obsession with Apple.

    • Smanny

      If you honestly believe that Apple is fair with it’s services and app ecosystem. Then you are truly blind and really ignorant its_me. Apple has pulled some apps only to make similar ones later. Or to promote their new app or services. This is 100% a fact.

    • It’s Me

      Did you bump your head again?

      Rant all you want about big, bad Apple, but trying to blame Google’s failure with Wear on Apple is just weird. Poorly reasoned, scatter brained thoughts of a dimwitted child, but weird nonetheless.

      Wear has failed all by itself. Even you fluffers couldn’t save it. Blaming Apple is just sad. And weird. This story has nothing to do with Apple. Why even bring them up?

    • Smanny

      Clearly you can’t read. I clearly said “The other problem was Apple was being a prick”. Now if you understand English. That means more than one problem. But you focus on only the Apple part, right its_me. It’s what you do. You go red if someone tells the truth, and puts Apple in a negative light. When you see that. You come out looking to win the Apple fight, because Apple has done nothing wrong in your eyes, right its_me?

    • It’s Me


      Oh spammy. I feel for you. Life is going to be very difficult for you when your caretakers are gone.

    • Smanny

      Oh, is that your come back to the truth? Like I said before in other articles. You focus on things that make you see red, which is anything that puts Apple in a negative light. I guess you cannot come up with anything to tackle the truth. Oh well its_me you just focus on your capturing of your Avatar’s, and leave the big stuff to the adults like me.

    • It’s Me

      “Come back” spammy? Are you honestly 12? Why do you insist on acting like a 12 year old with a disability?

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Nothing to worry about here. They are making the emphasis on made by google. obviously they were not making the smartwatch so that might be sole reason for them to remove them. It might or not be back when and if they decide to do the hardware themselves. Time will tell.

  • Brad Fortin

    There’s a lot of parallels here with the iPod.

    For example, for most of the iPod’s life there wasn’t an MP3 player market so much as there was an iPod market and a bunch of cheap alternatives nobody paid any real attention to (like the Zune). Likewise when the iPod touch came out there was only really the iPod touch and no worthy competitor (Galaxy Player, anyone?). Looks like it’s happening again with smartwatches.

    • Smanny

      Wrong, you are proving once again that you are ignorant to what’s going on. Your Apple love is making you blind. There are some new Android Wear smart watches that were recently released by Fossil and Montblanc. Movodo has one on the horizon as well. These are all Android Wear smart watches. Does Google advertise for Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Blackberry and lots of other OEMs? Google expects them to make, advertise, and sell their own smartphones. The same is happening to Android Wear. The Smart watch OEMs make, advertise, and sell their own smart watches. Google maintains Android Wear OS, and it’s app ecosystem. The OEMs do the rest. Kind of reminds you of Android on smartphones. Hmm, go figure.

    • Brad Fortin

      You mean there are a bunch of smartwatch brands that nobody cares about, just like during the iPod era? I’m shocked.

      You realize that the Apple Watch is outselling all Android Wear competitors combined, just like during the iPod era, right?

      Someone’s showing their ignorance, that’s certain.