Here are Android Wear 2.0’s 5 most interesting features


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    Article doesn’t say when it or the watches are coming out.

    • Igor Bonifacic

      “Soon,” according to Google.

    • Smanny

      Currently all Android Wear watches have been removed from Google’s online store. So most likey they will put that back again, and very soon at that.

  • Bruno
  • TomsDisqusted

    users need to hold down on the power button AND say “Ok Google”.

    Why both? This will probably become the most important feature of wear – sorry to see them make it unnecessarily awkward to invoke.

    • Smanny

      Patrick got that wrong. Users can just say the phrase “OK Google”. There is no need to press and hold any button.

  • C.L. E.

    The best part about this article is the Gear S3 Frontier (best smartwatch ever) is one of the 3 watches in the picture for the post…Nice!!!

  • purdy44

    Just give me much better Google Calendar integration

  • It’s a shame Google, who’s primary focus is to be a software company, holds certain products to certain devices .. I much prefer my gear s3 to any of the android wear models but it could sure benefit from google assistant. There’s very little reason for this not to be available other then spite of samsungs use of Tizen

    • meister

      I don’t get it, why is Google to blame for Samsung not wanting any part of it and putting their money on S Voice?

    • meister

      Why not blame Apple for not releasing Siri on Android devices while you’re at it.

    • meister

      My Acura would really benefit from a Ferrari engine too. Shame on Ferrari!

    • Well.. in relation to your first comment, Google is to blame because it’s not an issue of Samsung not wanting part of it, it’s an issue of google not allowing it.. When it comes to phones, yes samsung ships them with s-voice rather then google now, which is their choice, but as the user you can choose to install google now, and likely will be able to with google assistant.. on the watch you cannot because google will not provide nor even allow a tizen app.

      In relation to your other two comments, the difference between this and apple not offering siri on android or Acura not shipping with a ferrari engine is that Apple and Ferrari are hardware manufacturers.. they make their money selling their phones or their cars so of course they are not going to allow other companies to sell products with their technology.

      Google is not the same. Google is a software and more importantly a data company.. google makes its money selling your information and your habits.. they didn’t design google assistant to sell a phone.. they designed it to capture your queries, decide where you go , what you like and what you do so they can sell it to advertisers.. that’s the business model.. so it makes little sense not to let you install this on ANY device you choose. This is evidenced by the fact that you can install google products on an iphone.. they aren’t trying to keep people on other platforms from using the services.. just only the platforms they’ve deemed worthy. They didn’t want to loose the potential data they could collect from the ios users, so that one is a go.. but tizen isn’t important enough.

    • meister

      But Google would have to develop a version of Assistant for Tizen in order for it to work on your S3.. in order to help Samsung sell more S3 units. Where would Google benefit from that?

    • The same reason google benefits from developing their apps for ios.. buy gaining users of the service and mining your information.. it’s what they do..

    • meister

      Of course, it’s what they all do. Developping Assistant for Tizen isn’t that easy as if you make a query for Assistant asking direction to a place, it would have to trigger the Tizen’s Here for GPS on your S3 (since Google Maps isn’t on your S3). Same thing with any other apps that Assistant would trigger to perform its tasks. It’s not so much for the info about the queries but Assistant adds a lot more usability and therefore makes the device its on much more functional. Maybe you’re right and Tizen isn’t “worthy” to put that effort. Asking Assistant to tell a joke or the weather or asking it to turn my living room lights on isn’t really delicate info worth anything. And if you ask Assistant to find lets say the nearest restaurant, it will end up opening Google Maps to tell you where it is (and get that info from Maps).

    • meister

      Maybe I’m naïve but I don’t think Google is the only one gathering info, I’m sure S Voice and Siri gather the same infos.. yet S Voice isn’t available for other Android devices other than Samsungs (Within the same OS!!!) Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that the reason is to sell more Galaxy devices (if only S Voice was good!)

    • the motivations of the companies you are lumping together are completely different.. samsung develops s-voice to sell phones.. (clearly they think it’s a plus.. rest of the world disagrees, but hey.. ) Apple develops Siri to sell phones.. (that one seems to work out pretty good) Google develops apps to collect data.

    • meister

      And Apple and Samsung don’t collect data? Even Vizio that makes TVs to sell TVs are collecting data. No offense but they do have the same motivations. They all want their share of the mobile industry and they all want the most data possible.
      The main reason Assistant was only on Pixel phones on lauch was to sell more Pixel phones. Now that the hype is lesser, they probably intend to release on other Android phones.. to sell…more Android phones. If they release it on S3, Samsung will sell more units. If they don’t, ppl with S3 will go make their research on….Google search engine and they will end up getting the same data! Business as usual ! 🙂

    • I don’t know where I ever said other companies don’t also collect data.. I only said that is googles PRIMARY business model. The other companies you mention develop services to get you to buy their products. Google sells products to get you to use their services.

    • meister

      Ok so maybe you’re right about their PRIMARY goal. But to come down to your first gripe about the lack of Assistant on your S3, Google didn’t force Samsung into using Tizen and therefore not relying on any Google product for their watches. My first reaction was, why is Google to blame for that decision? If Samsung had chosen to use Android Wear, they would have gotten a piece of Assistant. I just thought you were throwing stones at the wrong corp for the lack of that feature on your S3 🙂

  • Thomas Milne

    Sitting here with my Moto 360 2015 that I won from MobileSyrup waiting for this update to roll around to me.

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