Here’s where you can buy the SNES Classic in Canada


  • Rian

    I saw that apparently Shoppers Drug Mart will have it too. Not sure if it’s true or not, but will definitely check there also.

    • sdc86

      I believe they will. A Shoppers in my city that has the smallest video game section of the 3 Shoppers locations told me they are getting 2 units on launch and to come early as other inquires had been made already.

  • Andrew Holt

    Let’s be real here. There are only going to be 2 places to buy this system in Canada. Ebay and Kijiji

    • Benjamin Milczarczyk

      bought at my local Walmart in store got up at 6:30 came right for 7 was the 36th person in line they had about 85 units. Guy infront of me got inpatient and left and he would have gotten a console. The trick to these products is to actually physically go to these stores on launch days before the store opens. A line had formed earlier but I literally came right as they opened the doors. and despite being 36th in line i still got one. just wake up early guys.

    • Ricky Bobby

      I just walked into Walmart to buy McDonalds Breakfast and washer fluid

      Walked out with an SNES classic too. The rep said there was 90 in store.

    • Tim

      I see them on Kijiji already going for $200+

  • Marshall Davidson

    None of these sites show any availability as of 9AM EST. What gives?

    • Luiz Amaral ★彡

      I just bought at Walmart

    • Marshall Davidson

      Yeah and now they’re gone. I tried and by the time it came to pay said the items out of stock. So that tells me they had next to none to begin with. Same bullshyte we saw last year with the NES Classic.

    • Rev0lver

      Incorrect yet again old friend. Supply was much higher than with the NES. I was able to get one in store and I got got one online at Walmart. Nintendo learned from their mistakes with the NESo.

    • Some may be a little behind, though I imagine they’re all sold out by now.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Well except for Bestbuy which comes online around noon EST. Otherwise, everything is gone and that’s why this product is going to end up being as scarce as the NES Classic before it.

    • Rev0lver

      Nope. Wrong again. There are only a few on Kijiji as the supply was much higher this time. The Kijiji ads only have a handful of views too.

    • Ricky Bobby

      There’s definitely alot more compared to the NES classic….. I managed
      to pick one up today at Walmart without issue and cancelled my SNES classic pre-order that I had a month ago

      NES classic you would be lucky to even see a box in the store

  • Chris

    Best Buy says online orders at 9 Pacific, but you are saying its already sold out?

  • Ricardo Chas Hewitt

    Dm me on it @ricardochashewitt I have one selling

  • Ricardo Chas Hewitt

    I have one selling #Toronto #Canada [ Ig: @ricardochashewitt ]

    • Rev0lver

      You are a peice of trash.

    • Ricardo Chas Hewitt

      Why is that so I have two…someone bought one for me. They didn’t know I went and got one…so I wonder why

    • Rev0lver

      You’re still a peice of trash. Bring the other one back so someone else can get one at retail price.

      Also, spamming comments sections is pathetic. So I guess you’re a pathetic piece of trash; and judging by a quick Google search of your name, a failed actor.

    • Rev0lver

      Defend yourself then delete your comment. Pathetic scalper is pathetic.

  • Blake Cousins

    Went to The Source in Barrie (Georgian Mall). Walked in at 9:15, 8th in line, walked out of the mall at 9:35 with SNES in hand.

  • canucks4life

    What a joke…up next Craigslist extortion.

  • Tim

    Installing an emulator and downloading ROMs is much less of a hassle.

  • Simon M

    Walked into my local EB Games 15-20 minutes after the opening. Didn’t have a preorder. There was a small lineup, but I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. I’m pretty sure Nintendo DID produce more units this time around.

  • Yeas

    Got all the way through online on Bestbuy and then got ganked by “Verified by Visa.”

    By the time I got through that useless feature, all sold out. None of my local stores even received one, with the exception of Best Buy which had a line.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Actually its not a useless feature at all. Its a good protection against credit card fraud on these sites. What is really the problem is how Best Buy doesn’t reserve the item long enough for you to complete the transaction before someone else comes along and snaps it up. Its not unlike a store brawl with customers fighting over stock and rushing to checkouts and pay before someone trips them and grabs it from their hands. Ridiculous.

    • Yeas

      Verified by Visa is a useless control, it gives people the false sense of security on the thinnest layers of protection. Circumventing it is easy, it offers little in the way of actual fraud prevention that a merchant doesn’t, and it is basically bullied on to merchants.

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