Here’s where you can buy the SNES Classic in Canada

SNES CLassic

If you aren’t one of the lucky few who managed to secure a pre-order for Nintendo’s $99 CAD SNES Classic, but are still hoping to get your hands on the micro console, below are the various Canadian retailers set to sell the sought-after system.

Since it’s impossible for us to confirm how much SNES Classic stock each retailer will have, we’ll update this post on Friday, September 29th, as the console becomes available and sells out online.

It’s likely that if you’re looking to get your hands on a SNES Classic, you’ll need to move quickly given how fast the NES Classic sold out at retailers when the system launched.

Nintendo, however, says that it has “dramatically increased” SNES Classic production in an effort to meet demand. This means that it’s possible the SNES Classic could be significantly easier to find than the NES Classic.

Best Buy

Rumours are circulating that some Best Buy locations could have as many as 300 SNES Classic’s in stock in-store on launch day, though the retailer is also offering online sales of the console.

Best Buy has tweeted that limited quantities of the SNES Classic will be available in-store on September 29th and that Bestbuy.ca inventory is set to go live at 9am.

In order to promote the system, Best Buy has launched a dedicated SNES Classic microsite. It’s also worth following Best Buy’s RZ Gamers Club Twitter account for updates on the console’s stock. Best Buy also says that the SNES Classic will be sold in Quebec online and in-store.

Here’s Best Buy’s SNES Classic product page.

Update 09/29/17: Best Buy is now sold out of the SNES Classic online.

The Source

The Source’s pre-orders for the SNES Classic were a disaster for the retailer, causing its website to crash as soon as the listing went live. The retailer eventually opted to no longer offer pre-orders, but will sell the SNES Classic on launch day, both in-store and online.

“Thank you for your patience regarding Friday’s Super NES Classic pre-order. We understand this product has been highly anticipated by our customers and it will be available for purchase on launch day, currently scheduled for September 29. At this time, we will not be offering a pre-order for this product. Purchase details will be shared on thesource.ca on launch day,” reads a statement The Source sent to MobileSyrup. 

The Source’s SNES Classic page also outlines what locations are set to have the console in stock on September 29th.

Here’s The Source’s SNES Classic product page.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is set to sell the SNES Classic on September 29th when the console is officially released, but only in-store, according to a recent tweet from the retailer.

Here’s a link to Toys R Us’ official SNES Classic product page.


While EB Games Canada’s Twitter account has said that the company’s flagship Toronto store will have 500 “walk-in” SNES Classic units available on September 29th, all locations in Canada are confirmed to be carrying some quantities of the system.

EB Games is also set to sell the SNES Classic online.

Here’s EB Games Canada’s SNES Classic product page.

Update 09/29/17: EB Games is now sold out of the SNES Classic online.


Walmart is also set to carry the SNES Classic and according to a tweet, the micro console will be available in all stores on September 29th, with online sales hitting Walmart.ca at 9am ET 12pm PT.

Here’s Walmart’s SNES Classic product page.

Update 09/29/17: Walmart is now sold out of the SNES Classic online.

Other retailers

Amazon is selling the SNES Classic as an exclusive item for Prime members, though the micro console has already sold out.

Other Canadian retailers set to sell the SNES Classic include Staples, London Drugs and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

MobileSyrup has also been able to confirm that the SNES Classic will be available Quebec. It’s worth noting, however, that not all Canadian retailers will ship the system to Quebec.