Nintendo will release the SNES Classic in Quebec after all


  • vn33

    Bon travail, Nintendo! 🙂

  • fred

    Good decision.
    It was really dumb of Nintendo to offer a French console in France but refuse to sell it in Quebec.

    • YoG99

      Actually, the SNES offered to France will be in english too.

    • fred

      If there is no French version anywhere in the world, then Nintendo doesn’t have to offer it in French in Quebec as per Quebec law.

      So either you are wrong, or Nintendo is stupid.

    • André Leclerc

      The console menu can be set to french (as in the the NES Classic). I heard there was two games that had french version back in the ’90 (A link to the past and another one) but there was no option to play those in the console. Not an expert of the 2009 law but someone probably realized it was not applicable to reissues of 20 year old games.

    • fred

      it’s not the same product as the old SNES, even if the games are similar

  • bigshynepo

    Thank god we no longer have to hear about this anymore. I’ve never heard so much whining….

  • Martin R-Beaulieu

    In fact, the law says if the game exist in french somewhere it must be available in Quebec, not translate again from french to french ”Quebecois” (BTW this language doesn’t exist).

    The law is outdated but not crazy as mentionned in the article !

    • MoYeung

      In Zelda breath of the wild, the language pack lets you choose Quebecois french… In addition to France’s French.

    • fred

      Not because of Quebec law.

  • Jason

    Not that anyone there will be able to actually get one…

  • Nick

    Or I can just buy from Ontario.

  • MaX Damage

    The law mentions current (2009) and future consoles. Technically it’s a re-release of an older console. So how does that work?