Freedom mobile offers $40/6GB and $50/8GB weekend promos for new customers


  • deltatux

    The 6GB for $40 offer is valid for current customer when you read the terms & conditions of the offer itself. Current customers just have to call in is all.


    This is tempting.

  • Dan man

    the 50 dollar plan is pretty good. i can use roam purely for minutes and 1gb of roam data.

    • Jeremy Blackwell

      In their terms of service they will discontinue the service after a certain amount of usage not on their network.

    • Dan man

      wasn’t that for usa only?

    • randyhub1

      Nope, my kids are away off Freedoms network, and I received an email saying they reached their Away limit and their data will be slower but not cut off. I have the whole family switched to Freedom for a great price. There is the odd dead space for service I have heard but works us, and the network will just keep getting better as they add new subscribers. About time we stop getting ripped off by the big 3!!!

  • Cam McArthur

    really tempting, even though i dont have an freedom LTE phone

    • PeterC

      Even with a LTE capable phone on freedom mobile and a LTE plan doesn’t mean you get a LTE connection all the time. Sometimes it is 3g.

    • Cam McArthur

      well thats the same with every provider sometimes

  • Alex Oh

    Kind of a bummer for current Freedom users

  • Tim

    I’d switch if I wasn’t already paying $50 for 8GB on Koodo.

  • Justin V

    Switching in a couple hours 🙂

  • darkman

    Thank you Freedom for all you are doing for current loyal customers as you try to lure new ones.

  • Slim

    Once again Freedom screws it’s loyal customers…dont bother switching people..its not worth it..theyll just slow down your usage anyways…considering leaving freedom..been with wind since 2009 and there never offered me anything..thanks for being loyal

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Yeah! I joined in 2011 and all I ever got with my freedom line was a 40 dollar a month unlimited talk text and 5gb plan with a 250 dollar no cost tab. How dare they not reward me even further! I only got an extra 50 dollars 2 years ago for a phone and only 100 this time around.

  • Muhammad Shahzad Hafeez

    2011 subscriber… Would not recommend freedom… You don’t get complete coverage throughout GTA. It doesn’t work in my home, when I’m in my office and some pockets of 401. (As long as you’re in a shop or standing outside, you are good). I have not experience downtown Toronto or west end.
    The package offering is good…but what’s the point if you can’t use it when you need it… Only if you have a second line, then go for it.
    I have contacted customer support many times, but only was told to soft reset, hard reset and change sim on my phone… They don’t acknowledge that their own fault of not having enough towers / signal boosters for adequate coverage inside ones house or office… I’m not saying its happening with all, but that’s the first thing a network operator should have…full COVERAGE in the area they are advertising.

  • Steven Ercolani

    I love how it’s just new customers. To hell with the existing ones.