iPhone X supply issues could be worse than initially expected, says report


  • Elky64

    “Given that the upcoming iPhone X is set to be heavily sought after, it’s likely that some
    people won’t be able to get their hands on the phone until well into 2018”

    Will admit this does sound a wee bit fishy, iPhone 8/Plus available tomorrow (22nd) and an iPhone X shortage looming, and they are just figuring that out. Might as well buy the 8/Plus to tie one over right?

    • carloadunicorn

      If it’s all accurate they’re not just figuring out. The analysts are just getting the data to draw the conclusions. Recall that before the Apple event the analysts were saying that there wouldn’t be a gold iPhone X due to production issues – and there wasn’t a gold iPhone X. I thought I read somewhere that low yield on the OLED displays is a constraint too – but I can’t give a source right now so it’s not that valuable a piece of information 🙂

    • southerndinner

      The iPhone 8 demand has been pretty tepid, at least in my region. My regional manager is losing her poop because all the stores in the area have 60% fewer iPhone 8 preorders than iPhone 7 last year and we had planned for a busy month… Not happening at this rate

    • Captain Pokemon

      Is it due to iPhone X or people are waiting for 2018 to upgrade?

    • John Lofwire

      disapointing iphone 8 change compared to 7 ( its basically a 7S rebranded as a 8 )
      So ppl dont wana shell out so much for an old design.

      Also iphone X do also not help as its make ppl want to wait.

      Bad move apple 😉

    • southerndinner

      In the case of my region, I think it’s the iPhone X.

    • It’s Me

      Now that the short bus crew (the cashier, the night shift factory worker and burger flipper) is here for their circIejerk I’m sure we’ll hear all the theories a grade 6 education can muster 😉

    • thereasoner

      Boy, you’re in fine form today! Lol. All the lukewarm iphone 8/X reviews, stinging criticisms for removing Touch ID, the awful looking notch interference in landscape and face ID demonstration fiascos getting you down?

      Relax, your precious Apple will be fine…for now. 🙂

    • It’s Me

      Haven’t paid attention to be honest; I’m not in the market for a new phone right now.

      But I find the “reviews” here from all of the obsessives that don’t even use Apple products worth responses. And I’ve noticed trend amongst many/most of those jumping into the circIejerk to complain about products they don’t and won’t use…almost every one of them is uneducated with brainless deadend jobs, if they are employed at all. Not sure why those on the lower socio-economic rungs and the uneducated gravitate to such obsessive hate of companies and products that don’t affect them.

      It’s weird.

    • thereasoner

      “Haven’t paid attention to be honest; I’m not in the market for a new phone right now.”
      Says the iFanatic who was frantically defending Apple’s botched face ID demonstration on other threads,lol.

      Yep, you’re losing it today, that’s for sure! 🙂

    • It’s Me

      Paid attention to the launch, not the reviews. Two different things. Read slowly.

      You said before you were born here, right? Your illiteracy is embarrassing for the Canadian education system, but maybe it’s age related.

    • Smanny

      Instead of getting your hair in a knot. Sorry in your case we’ll lack thereof in the front. But anyway theverge is a known iLover which gave the iPhone 8/8+ a score of 8. This the first year they gave the iPhone’s a score that low. BGR didn’t score it this year. The first time that they didn’t give it a score at all, and instead brought in other sites which gave their views. BGR is known to kill anyone who speaks ill of Apple. Then there is this site your home turf mobilesyrup which also gave the iPhone 8’s a score of 8. The first time this site gave the iPhone’s a score that low as well.

      Yet you stated “Haven’t paid attention to be honest; I’m not in the market for a new phone right now.

      But I find the “reviews” here from all of the obsessives that don’t even use Apple products worth responses. And I’ve noticed trend amongst many/most of those jumping into the circIejerk to complain about products they don’t and won’t use…almost every one of them is uneducated with brainless deadend jobs”

      So I guess mobilesyrup is now in that circlejerk category, because they didn’t give it a great score or high praise as well. And they must be uneducated with brainless deadend jobs too. Do you want a shovel for the poop you made?

    • It’s Me

      And if those sites give mediocre reviews, that’s great. They’re doing their job.

      When I mentioned the losers doing “reviews” for products they’ve never used and have no intention of buying, those with deadend jobs and little to no education, I was talking about you guys. Team Under Achiever. Same guys show up to talk about the same products they don’t use from companies they don’t deal with. The trend is it’s usually uneducated dudes with no prospects.

      You’re all like those goofs in high school that talk crap about girls they’ve never been with. It’s weird.

    • carloadunicorn

      I think the most interesting part of this story is what it is going to do to the iPhone numbers in the next quarterly report. If iPhone 8/8+ pre-orders are really down 60% YoY, and iPhone X is going to be shipping in limited quantities for the foreseeable future, this quarter could see a dramatic drop in sales.

      I’m not surprised at that 60% number. I pre-ordered an 8 Plus 3 days after pre-sales opened and I’m getting it tomorrow.

    • southerndinner

      Do keep in mind that 60% number is completely anecdotal. I would be really surprised if it’s down 60% across the country.

  • Jason

    So there’s 2 sides here:
    1) Apple is just creating fake Nintendo-esk hype
    2) Apple is actually in huge manufacturing trouble and will now rush the phone to the point it will have a some serious design flaws

    • carloadunicorn

      I’m not sure we’re limited to those two options. I’d add 3) It’s a new hardware platform, complications are not uncommon in these situations, it’ll take time to work through them but they will.

    • John Lofwire

      We are limited to 1 option.
      Apple repeat the same thing every years.
      Always backorder on many model and colors.
      nothing new..

    • It’s Me


      3) it is taking longer because they don’t want to rush it to hit some arbitrary date, say “the same time it was released last year” and have the exploding like the Note 7.

      4) the analysts are guessing again and will likely be a fair bit off the mark, as they almost always are when relying on supply chain ‘leaks’

      Let’s hope they don’t pull a Note and try to rush explosive products out the door just so they can say they made an arbitrary date.

    • thereasoner

      Except that the Note 7 being “rushed” is a lie. It’s release date was just 2 days difference from the year before when the Note 5 was released. Now the Note 5 on the other hand was early, several weeks earlier than the year before but there were no issues with it like the Note 7 had.

    • It’s Me

      Seriously, back to the logic that they can’t have been rushed because the date they rushed to hit was the same as the previous year?

      Even if we pretend you aren’t reasoning like a brain injured baboon*, then the best you have is they took their time and released dangerously defective products that had to handled as hazardous material.


      *don’t whine about me insulting you. I was describing your inability to reason, not actually calling you a brain injured baboon 😀

    • thereasoner

      “Seriously, back to the logic that they can’t have been rushed because the date they rushed to hit was the same as the previous year?”

      Yes, a full year of development for the Note 7 vs several weeks less for the Note 5 tells me if anything was rushed at all it would be the Note 5 not the Note 7.

      They didn’t move up the release date of the Note 7 like they did with the Note 5 and the rush to release the Note 5 early caused no problem. It’s not rocket science.

    • It’s Me

      Trying to hit a target date, whatever the target date, when you are clearly not ready is the definition of rushing a product.

      If they took their time and then sold bombs into peoples homes then you are just accusing them of criminally incompetent negligence. I don’t agree. I think they rushed to hit the same date. I don’t think they are as incompetent as you are suggesting.

    • thereasoner

      We already know that their battery testing procedures were inadequate and that was the reason for the issue, not time. They could of took 2 years and it wouldn’t have mattered. The misplaced “rushed” theory that was carried over from the Note 5 is speculation at best and speculation that isn’t even supported by the facts at that.

    • It’s Me

      I disagree that it was just incompetence. While their safety testing as surely inadequate to identify their poor engineering and design, that’s not all. If they hadn’t rushed the design and build there’d wouldn’t have been a catastrophic flaw built right in. If they’d taken their time for the entire lifecycle, from design to build to QA to safety validation they wouldn’t have ended up accidentally shipping bombs.

      The fact is, samsung is a competent and experienced manufacturer. They aren’t nearly as maliciously incompetent as you portray. They rushed to make sure it shipped on time and we all saw the disastrous results.

    • thereasoner

      The important part is that the Note 8 is setting sales records for them…you really shouldn’t let it bother you this much. It’s just tech, phones and other consumer products, normal people don’t have their lives revolve around them…no offense.

    • It’s Me

      I think it’s great they are selling sell. I’ve mentioned before that I work with Samsung on co-developed projects. When they do well, we do well. I’m likely heading back to South Korea in the new year. Good people. Which is why I don’t buy into your narrative that they are criminally incompetent.

      As for why you are so strangely obsessed with a company you have no ties to, well maybe that’s on you. It’s weird but still on you.

    • Smanny

      In any case the first option is usually the right one. So it has to be :
      1) hype or propaganda
      It can’t be the other 3 options. Right thereasoner?

    • jroc

      If they were going to rush the phone it would be coming out tomorrow with the 8/8+.

    • John Lofwire

      I go for the Hype choice.
      They do that every years anyway..

  • JD

    Who cares.

  • Dunamis1100

    The iPhone X won’t be worse than expected. Will it be hard to get on November 3rd? Yup, but give it a few weeks and there will be stock galore. I keep saying, Apple isn’t leaving $$$ on the table this holiday season. From Black Friday and the rest of the year will be huge for them. They know around that time folks are itching to spend $$$. The iPhone is Apple’s bread and butter, that’s where they make their $$$, so they will have stock ready and plenty. All these shortage iphone X/ will be limited in supply blah blah blah, is nothing more than creating a hype machine to target folks emotion to hurry up and go out and get the next limited short supply phone. How can folks not see right thru this, is mind boggling.

    • John Lofwire

      Yeah same thing every years lol.

    • heynow00

      There will be plenty of iPhone 8/8+ available for the black friday/christmas season for them to still make their money and at a higher margin

    • Smanny

      I wouldn’t say a higher margin. Apple makes tons of money from recycling it’s older iPhones as well. They still have the iPhone 6s on sale. Just look at this year (2017) Apple re-released the iPhone 6 again, only with 32 GB instead of its original 16 GB, and the same 8mp camera and 1 GB of RAM. Apple is the king of recycling. If it doesn’t sell this year strip the paint off. Repaint it, put some different twist on the chrome, change the leather seats, and call it a new model, for the same or more money.

      Anyway the iPhone X is going for 1319. The iPhone 8 is going for $400 less than the X. Actually I think your right, because you are only getting 2 GB of RAM, a single camera, a worse and lower resolution display.

    • Brad Fortin

      Unless it’s like the AirPods in that they’re just difficult to manufacture and people will wait for months to get them regardless.

    • Dunamis1100

      I think people will wait regardless no matter how long. And if they decide they can’t wait for an iPhone X, they’ll get the iPhone 8/8Plus which is doing excellent per reviews by the way or a cheaper iPhone 7. Either way, its a win win for consumers and Apple.

  • Andrew Holt

    By the time this phone will be obtainable by the majority of consumers, it will be so close to next fall’s rollouts of premium smartphones including the next iphone. Might as well just wait for next year.

    • It’s Me

      You were never the target audience Andrew, but you know that.

      Given your emotional obsession with Apple, why would you pretend to ever consider any iPhone?


    • thereasoner

      Are YOU, of all people, accusing others with an “emotional obsession with Apple” ? Seriously? Lmao!

      Pot meet kettle…

    • It’s Me

      I’m not obsessed with Apple, though I do use their products and enjoy some discussion about them. That’s true of many people about many companies. It’s fairly normal. Like you fluffing google and Samsung. Not unusual.

      But to be filled with neurotic obsessive hate towards products you don’t use and a company that doesn’t affect you? That’s just weird. Like, how are you allowed to walk around without meds kind of weird.

      But I guys you guys are attracted to the circIejerk.

    • neo905

      HAHA! YOU are obsessed with Apple?

      Dude, there are 35, now 36, comments on this article in total and you have 8 of them.

    • It’s Me

      And how many of them are about Apple?

    • neo905

      Make that nine.

    • It’s Me

      Well, done, all the way to 9, but it looks like you missed a couple, so not so well done. Remember to use all your fingers next time (might have to pull out your toes soon… 😛

      So, to be clear, you are asserting that not talking about something shows an obsession with it? Did you go to the same school as our local night shift factory worker? 😀

    • neo905

      Now a baker’s dozen…

    • It’s Me

      And now the toes 😀

      Careful, it’ll get x-rated if this goes on any longer.

    • neo905

      Now you are obsessed with me…Go away now…

    • It’s Me

      You addressed me when you failed at counting and then you continued to reply. Duh.

      You aren’t normally this dense. Bad day at home?

    • Nadefrenzy

      It’s ironic how you yourself exhibit these traits you critique others for, and not only that but you’re strangely obsessed with throwing around these odd insults against those who disagree with you by using these weird stereotypical tropes as a comparative. If you were so successful (I mean why else would you continuously bash on these poor uneducated fools with “no prospects” ), surely you would have better things to do with your time than waste it here with these “brain dead baboons” arguing like keyboard warriors, no?

      Just sit back and take a deep breath and just relax. No point in being a grumpy old fella.

      And go ahead throw another one of those goofy insults at me or perhaps bring up some troubles at home or heck why not take a jab at mental illness while you’re at it? Surely it’s something every important man with great job prospects would be doing, hmm?

    • It’s Me

      Nah, the reason I judge their jobs and their positions in lives isn’t because of my status but strictly theirs. One is a 60 year old night shift factory worker that campaigned for rob ford. Another is a middle aged cashier at a cell phone store. It’s no stereotype to recognize these for what they are. They are the very definition of under achieving with no prospects. Duh.

      And neo failed at counting a quantity less than 10. Would you applaud such capabilities?

      Now, which traits are you exactly referring to? I actually encourage people to disagree with me. But if they can’t do it respectfully then neither will I. And if they happen to be the bottom of the intellectual, social and educational ladder, then they deserved to be put in their place when they get uppity. You’d do the same thing, though I’m sure you think you’re above it.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Not sure who you think you are to determine their “prospects” or whether they’re underachieving or not. Let alone the fact that you can’t define someone’s potential simply by what job they do and especially to use it against them.

      The traits I meant are being obsessed with a brand almost to a neurotic level. I see no difference between you and a few others whom you accuse of the same.

      And no I’m not above it; not too long ago I used to argue like a keyboard warrior on here too. But just don’t see the point anymore. I wouldn’t have commented on your post usually but the irony was too immense.

      “And if they happen to be the bottom of the intellectual, social and educational ladder, then they deserved to be put in their place when they get uppity. ”

      If as a grown man you don’t see anything wrong with this statement then I’m not sure there’s really anything else I can say.

      But whatever don’t think this would deter you tho least the hope is there that you can see the irony.

    • It’s Me

      It’s a nice thought that you can’t judge a man by his job. Reality is that we all do it. It also sure as hell can be used to imply whether you’re an under achiever. In context, that’s exactly what it means. You don’t end up stuck working night shifts at a factory in your 50s because you set and hit grand goals for your education and career. I guarantee that you don’t look at the janitor in your building and think “he’s really made it”, nor the guy pumping your gas, nor cashing out your phone accessories. Despite your holier than thou sermon, you do it do, because that’s human nature.

      As for my “obsession”, if you don’t see the difference between someone discussing topics and subjects they use, enjoy and have an interest in and someone discussing only out of hate and a strange need to try to convert people away from their products of choice, then that would explain your confusion. It’s neurotic because there is sensible reason to explain why they hate a company they don’t deal with nor why they want to go after their users. At the same time there is nothing unusual about people discussing their actually products. That’s completely normal. You can only confuse the two is you are being dishonest or aren’t very bright.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Sure, there’s a subtle difference, but let’s not kid ourselves here, they both fall under the same spectrum especially if you see how vehemently you defend these products and often resort to personal attacks as you again did at the end there.

      As far as the other poster goes, I could care less if you’re targeting him specifically or someone else (it was a bunch of people you were directing your comments to in the same manner). Heck it seems you speak the same way to almost everyone else who disagrees with you and defends their product, but perhaps with a slightly less derogatory tone –though you can still see the venom in there somewhere lol.

      Anyway, you can continue to paint yourself as some angel, and keep putting others down for supposedly underachieving and by goodness, being uppity–that’s your call. I just wanted to make my point, whether it’s clear to you specifically or not is another thing unfortunately. I’m going to stop replying now as this will just turn into another s*** fest, and I think we’ve all got better things to do with our time now. Heck, I know i do now.

    • It’s Me

      It’s not a subtle difference. It’s personal interest and preferences VS base hatred. It’s not an insult to recognize that.

      And if you look carefully, I spend almost no time actually defending Apple. I challenge the haters facts and positions which usually upsets them. The few in this tread won’t even engage in fact based discussions and only rely on insults. Why would I act differently. Though it’s telling that even though you think you seem some equivalence, you only attach om person for it because you somehow think I’m being mean to the playground bullies. They are dimwits not actually mentally challenged. Stop acting like these grown men need you protection.

      People spend to much time trying to create moral equivalences where there is none. They even defend the jack booted haters.

    • Nadefrenzy

      It’s not telling anything because I’ve seen your posts before, and how biased and obsessed you can be with Apple, yet the irony escapes you when you accuse others of the same. I’m sure in your mind you’re just discussing products you love and use and defending them as such, but it seems you defend Apple regardless of what they do even with their bendgate/antenna gate fiasco.

      The reason I replied to your post mainly was because you started the discussion then resorted to those same theatrics you accuse these “dimwits” of doing.

      This discussion isn’t challenging anything, there is no upside to your argument in it being ok to go on personal tirades against the posters. Sure, it’s common, but then you’re just part of the pool. Yet you act like you’re above it.

      If you wanna be considered “different” and above all these people maybe try a balanced unbiased view. Otherwise, you and the rest of the folks here are just more of the same. Just internet noise.

    • It’s Me

      Why would I want to be considered different? It’s you that decided to single me out. Why should I want to be considered above these people? I know my place, they know theirs. Are we really going to try and pretend I should act like we’re of the same status?

      I’m in Tokyo at the moment. I really appreciate that they don’t have the obiligation of pretending those at the bottom are equals. We can be equal before the law without the pretence of actual equality.

      And yes, we all just noise. None of us are changing the world with internet flame wars. Did you expect otherwise?

  • Omar

    This definitely isn’t Steve Jobs’ Apple anymore.