Canadian team wins Hyperloop contest for proposing 39 minute Toronto-Montreal route


  • bravado

    yeg to yyc would’ve been cool too… but east coast makes more sense

    • Rattrap

      None of this is on the coast.

    • bravado

      thanks for your valuable contribution

    • Rattrap

      It’s may not seem valuable to you but facts and words have meaning and are under assault both actively and with collective apathy.

      Half marks for irony, though.

    • bravado

      coming back with more valuable commentary, thank you so much

    • Rattrap

      It’s much easier to criticize than to add anything of substance. Your posts only have the former and nothing of the latter, as is the MO of keyboard warriors.

  • Anonymous Agent

    A star trek teleport would be even cooler to invent would make transportation be 1 second to anywhere in the world. Now that would be the quickest and would eliminate all buses, cars, airplanes, boats, trains and eliminate the need for gas and be cleaner for our environment.

    • Stephen B Morris

      But seeing how teleportation would destroy your atoms and clone them in the new location, would your clone know the reason that he is there to begin with?

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Waiting for a Hyper loop from Toronto to Windsor

  • Benjamin Lehto

    This will be a fantastic new mode of transportation for the top 5% who will be able to afford it. Maybe in 30 years it will come down to affordable pricing?

    • EChid

      Right. Because of course it would be in their interest to build something that no one rides on.

      And what if it is priced for the top 15% of travelers? That could well removed 70% of travelers from other routes and make pricing on those modes more affordable.

  • thereasoner

    I love the idea but if stops are only one in each major city like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal then it won’t do anything to alleviate congestion on the 400-series highways as no one commutes daily those distances. This will definitely cut into airline business though.

    I’m thinking that extra stops, like east, central and west Toronto will be needed to improve traffic congestion in cities and that of course would affect the times posted here between cities but it should still be much faster and convenient than air.

    • fred

      There is no point in going that fast to connect suburbs to the center.
      The whole point of the hyperloop is to replace air travel by something which is both faster and more convenient.

    • EChid

      The traffic that makes the 401 busy isn’t daily congestion (aside from within the GTA, you can thank Mike Harris for that re: 407), it’s people actually driving ridiculous distances between these cities. I have done it far too many times. Sometimes I fly, but sometimes that’s why too expensive (and not really faster if you include the time to get to airports/pass through security), and the current train takes as long as driving and isn’t cheap either.

  • Goran Mihajlović

    Cool! Let’s move 800 people per hour for several times the cost of a high speed train that could move 4000-12000 people an hour but take under 2 hours for an express from Union to Gare Centrale. The Shanghai Maglev, an elevated Maglev line, cost the Chinese over 40 million USD per km to build. Care to guess how much Canadian labour would make an elevated vacuum tube Maglev line cost?

    These hyperloop dreams annoy me. Even if built, they would do nothing to solve public transit issues. Maybe the day a large scale hyperloop becomes an affordable (less than several tens of billions) thing, it could be the next generation high speed transit option for The Corridor. Because it’s gonna be decades before that happens. I mean, it took like 40 years before a high speed train was even committed to in Ontario, but this pipe dream is somehow going to happen?