University of Waterloo researchers testing anti-distracted driving software


  • Do Do

    It is an epidemic. I’m on the road for hours on end in the passenger seat, and I can’t believe how many people are doing something on their phones when I’m looking around. I don’t see how software would help as the software will have a hard time distinguishing between passengers and drivers, unless I’m not getting something, but we’ll see I guess. Of course I’m assuming they’re talking about phone software rather than car software.

  • Texting is not just a “teen” problem. There are millions of employees who seek to do work while behind the wheel. Fleet vehicles/company cars are on the road more than teen drivers. They “multi-task” becoming very distracted.

    The government wants to increase fees and fines, but there is a tech way to stop these distraction. There are apps to block you using your phone when you drive. AT&T DriveMode is one example and it is FREE!

    One area that is rarely discussed is that each province has hundreds of government vehicles that inspectors, regulators and the agricultural department use as fleet vehicles, but they do not have the technology to diminish distracted driving. I would love to see one province lead by example and use a program, like FleetMode, to block texts, redirect incoming phone calls, and impede all other apps in the federal vehicles. If we want our federal roads to be safer, let’s start by making our federal vehicles safer.