Torontonians will be able to dispute parking violations online after August 28th

City of Toronto

Starting August 28th, the City of Toronto is introducing the ‘Administrative Penalty System’ for fighting parking tickets online.

Instead of disputing tickets in court, it will be done through the City instead. Torontonians will have the option to submit their tickets online, but also have the opportunity to dispute their tickets in-person if that is preferable.

After August 28th, those interested in disputing tickets can go to the City’s website at toronto.ca/aps or head down in-person to the screening office. The City confirmed more information will be provided closer to the date.

All tickets issued before August 28th will continued to be processed through the court system, and the changes will not effect anyone who is already waiting for their court date. The process to pay for tickets has not changed. Those interested can pay online, by mail or at one of the City’s service counter locations.

If the City makes an unfavourable decision during a dispute, those interested can request a second independent review — that decision, however, will be final.

According to the City, it’s adopting this new process to allow for, “a faster, easier and more convenient review process.”

The process aims to get rid of long wait times for court dates and should make the overall process more efficient.

Source: City of Toronto