Rogers discounts Galaxy S8 to $0 during Forward to School sales event

Fido has also discounted a trio of LG phones led by the G6 to $0


  • Jon Duke

    So they copied Videotron’s promo from last weekend.. original.

    • John Lofwire

      Premium plus plan… get 200$ off device but pay over 400$ more over 24 months lol…

    • Jon Duke

      Pretty much.

    • RidgeBoyGenius

      That’s the majority of promos, just matching other companies’ promos.

    • Jon Duke

      Yep. It’s sad when you think about it.

  • Andrew

    Not the first time Rogers has offered the S8 for $0 either… I got one for $0 in the last half of June, they had the promo on for a couple weeks.

    • Garrett Cooper

      That was a promo directly from Samsung for Canada Day 150. I just missed it with Bell so I ported to Koodo and got a Pixel XL. I still would like an S8 though!