Asus ZenFone AR launches in U.S. starting at $599 unlocked, coming to Canada soon


  • vn33

    $755 for the 6GB RAM/64GB? That’s flagship-price territory …
    Does the AR worth the premium for a phone with an older chipset?

    • Omar

      The rest of the specs (aside from the SD 821, kind of) are flagship specs. It’s essentially a flagship device.

      Personally I think an SD 821 is plenty fast enough for a 2017 flagship, though some might complain of not having the latest and greatest from Qualcomm. Aside from benchmarks I really don’t most people will notice a difference in performance between the SD 821 and SD 835 in everyday use.

    • vn33

      I agree with you in regards to the little difference performance for everyday use, and the majority of consumer would not even pay attention to such spec/details. However, would an average Joe fork over that kind of cash if they are exposed only to the advertisements of the bigger names (mainly Samsung and the like?) Curious how this Asus phone will compete in this price range.

    • Omar

      I don’t think this phone is for the average joe. The big selling point is AR, Daydream/Tango. Probably targeting a niche market at this point.

    • Smanny

      AR is Tango, and the VR part is Daydream. The sensors on this smartphone add to the cost of this device. Plus it’s 3 cameras used for AR can be used in low light. Plus the SD 821 is rated at 520 gigaflops. The SD 835 is rated at 570 gigaflops. So not a big difference in speed. Besides the SD 820 has proven itself when it comes to speed, especially with sustainable VR at 60 fps.

  • Marc

    I just spoke to the retailers in Canada we are only getting the 6GB/64GB version for 899Cad

    • Whome

      6GB/64GB version for the price of the 8GB/128GB version. Sounds about right for the Canadian market.