Rogers launches Smart Drive platform that provides in-car Wi-Fi and safety notifications


  • Jayden

    But why not just hotspot from your phone if your using your data anyways and save $15 a month+$200?

    • djino

      I was thinking exactly the samething. The only benefit is that it also provides Engine Diagnostics to an app.

    • MThiessen

      Alternatively, you can get a bluetooth BlueDriver OBDII scanner on amazon for $99 CAD instead of paying $99 and 15/month for 1gb of data.

    • duke_seb

      The equivalent of $25 a month for a gb of data

      I’d rather use my phone as a hotspot and use that $25 in cause I want to add 2gb to my plan if im going to come up short at the end of the month

      Now if I take was $10 a month and no cost for the device I might have considered it for the convince for my kids

    • Bill___A

      The wi fi hot spot is an additional feature which is available since it is easy to add. It is not the reason to get the device. Monitoring speed and location as well as diagnostics are the primary reasons for getting the device. However, if you just want diagnostics, you can buy a device which connects to your phone by bluetooth directly.

  • DownwithRobellus

    Nope nope nope nope nope

    If you want to wake up to a huge Rogers phone bill go ahead and sign up. I’m pretty sure there will be many instances where you suddenly go over your data and end up paying $20.00 for each GB over.

    Go to hell Rogers and take this damn product with you.

    • Bill___A

      They are not forcing anyone to get it, this is just a product they’ve hoped there is a demand for. They have monitoring and cutoffs so you can control your data usage on all devices.

  • Raj P

    Why is there a monthly $15 charge? Is that the “Tab” price? Rogers already has a BYOD monthly add-on for $5/month that also adds an extra 1gb of data. I’d be interested in something like that with a $200 initial purchase.

  • Adam Bentley

    What a shameless money grab by Rogers. A $5.00 OBD2 bluetooth dongle and Torque Pro ($4.99) will look after, and likely do a much better job of monitoring engine parameters/diagnostics than this over-priced hardware and app. And that OBD2 dongle at $200??? Wow. Also, encouraging kids to watch or download their favorite shows via the wifi hotspot looks like a real money grab (data) for Rogers. One of their videos promoting the in-car wifi,has a Netflix banner on it. 1G of “Bonus” data a month. OOOH, Rogers, too generous! Hopefully not one person gets suckered into this.