Mojio launches in Canada with free service from TELUS for one year

Back in September, TELUS announced plans to partner with Mojio to bring the company’s connected car solution to Canada at some point in 2014. This week, Mojio announced its Canadian launch with one year of free service through TELUS.

Mojio is an open-platform 3G peripheral that plugs directly into your car’s on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II) and works in tandem with a smartphone app to bring your car into the connected world. This includes tracking your trips, diagnosing problems with your vehicle, and sharing your location with people you care about.

At launch, Mojio will allow you to share your location and estimated arrival times. It’ll also show you adjusted routes based on traffic, nearby gas stations when your fuel drops below 15%, and your options for parking. You’ll get a notification if your car is towed or the engine turns on when you’re not present, and the device will provide details of what’s wrong with your car, along with a level of urgency (just in case you’re the type to put off a trip to the mechanic). It can also track details of your trips, like fuel efficiency and cost-per-trip, so you can make changes to reduce the cost of your driving, too. Additional functionality will be added with third-party apps as they become available.

Mojio is available through Amazon and mojio’s own website. It’s priced at $169 in Canada. This buys you the peripheral and the aforementioned free year of service from TELUS. As we reported in September, you’ll be expected to pay $6.99 a month after that first free year expires.