Telus offers $500 bill credit to GTA customers switching from Rogers and Fido


  • Jerry

    Bell offered me a $400 credit to port my phone number from Roger’s and gave me a better deal per month. They’re also $200 cheaper on the Galaxy S8 +. I phoned Rogers and they weren’t even wanting to make a deal. Bye Bye Rogers after 18 years.

    • BB71

      You are absolutely right. Why would you stay with a carrier when you get offers like this.

    • ComplacencyKills

      But isn’t that the beauty of competition?

      The unfortunate thing is Telus didn’t want to compete but at least you had the option to do better for your needs. However, keep in mind after your contract with Bell is over, Telus and Rogers will be offering these same great promotions to get you back.

    • BB71

      This is very true.

  • BB71

    That is a good deal but I find it infuriating at the same time. What about loyalty to the customers who have been with Telus for years? This sort of thing is what encourages customers to be disloyal to a brand.

    • They don’t care for loyal customers. If you leave to go to Rogers and want to switch back, you will be giving them more ARPU because your old plan is forfeit.

      In the mobile world as a consumer, you either lose or you lose big.

    • BB71

      You’re not kidding.

    • Roger

      Exactly why I’m leaving Telus to Bell, I’ve been with Telus since 2001.

  • GaDgEtMoN

    What I find interesting is; Rogers makes a (undisclosed) deal with Telus to release Joe Natale (former CEO of Telus) from his contract obligation to Telus earlier than he was contracted to do and then, Telus announces a win Rogers/Fido customers offer… Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new era (we can hope!! 🙂 )

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      You can hope but I suspect it will usher in an era of even more collusion between the two of them going forward. That’s the way things work in mobile in Canada!

  • Omar

    The closest the Big 3 get to competition. Baby steps.

  • The only reason why I am not switching to TELUS, or Bell for that matter, is that they do not have the Name Display.
    It is important for me to see the name of a person calling me.

    • Mikie

      name display only works half the time anyway.. I get random names and companies rather often

    • Suresh Aryal

      On Android you get it from 3rd party apps or Truecaller. I guess you are on iPhone.

    • Since iOS 9 you can on iOS…
      Also, Truecaller doesn’t work on all numbers, whereas the Name Display information comes directly from the carrier of the caller…

  • Pemninder Nagpal

    I understand Telus is offering loan to Coustomers wanting to switch. But I want to get better deal than Fido. I didn’t find anything with Koodo yesterday.

  • Chris Radenovic

    You see kids, in Canada you get three choices. Rogers, Bell, and Telus. The way you pay your bill is you take the R, B, or T shaped dildos and stick it up your

  • Christine

    Once again… Premium plans.. Which means leaving my 60$ unlimited text talk 6gb fido plan for a 120$ expensive telus plan.. Sure 50$ for 10 months is nice.. But what happens at the end of 10 months… Nice try….. Always a catch… Read the fine print…

  • Mikie

    So.. area codes with 705 eh.. Barrie is GTA? I guess Timmins is GTA too!