Rogers and Fido customers are experiencing issues with sending texts and receiving duplicates


  • Dimitri

    It’s all over the place. It’s pretty bad. This is the response Rogers is giving the users on the forums

    ” ( last night she wrote this) RogersM wrote:

    Some customers have reported experiencing issues sending texts or receiving duplicates.
    We are actively working at resolving this problem and service will be restored as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your patience.

    We are always very greatful when you take the time to bring issues up to our attention.

    I am confident that it will be rectified shortly.
    We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and thank you for understanding.


    (Then this today) Hi Community!

    As @RogersM previously mentioned we are aware of this issue and we are working towards a resolution as I type this. We will update the community when we have more information to share.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.


    • Mark

      5 days with this problem, shame on you Rogers, totally unacceptable. Not that you care anyway, disrupting day to day business for your customers, and all we get is an automated response. CRTC can careless to, both Rogers and Bell feeding the pockets of the CRTC. We live in a world of greed.

    • Dimitri

      Well i don’t work for Rogers, i am just posting what they posted. So that could be said towards then on another post or on the forums.

      I do agree with u 100%

    • dstruct2k

      5 days? Rogers phones have had this problem for years.

  • gdigenis

    I was having the issue last Friday on my pixel. After 2 calls to tech support the rep said that the recent pixel update added voice over LTE. Going into the settings and turning that one feature off has fixed my issues.

  • Andy

    When I deposit money into my bank I receive alerts for the amount and account. Today after a deposit, I received 8 additional alerts that $1000 was deposited. Whooho, I’m rich.

  • This happens to my girlfriend all the time. I either don’t get her text or get 2 to 3 at a time.

    This is just another Rogers first and all of you are using the service wrong.

    • Andy

      Get her under control.

  • xtess3ractx

    I get the same problem, but not all the time. I have no idea what causes this.

  • When I contacted Rogers about it this afternoon, they told me it was a known Samsung software problem. Ha.

    • Nick Papasodaro

      I can guarantee it is a network issue, not software. All devices are affected.

  • Beebs

    Data only, problem solved

  • Theo

    The problem only affects Samsung and LG VoLTE devices. Turn off VoLTE and problem solved!

    • EChid

      Nope. I’m on Videotron and with a Samsung device…LTE is not on. But lots of duplicate texts.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Coz videotron uses rogers network most of the time

    • Steve

      Ya it is Rogers Network issue not a phone issue guys.

    • Mo Dabbas

      That’s right. My G5 was having this issue. Turning off VoLTE didn’t solve it with me but rather turning on wifi calling worked. All rogers/fido Volte devices also support wifi calling from my experience with different devices out there.

    • Dimitri

      Incorrect. The problem is also happening on iPhone devices as well.

  • Christian

    Yes yesterday I received the same message 8 Times… And sometimes it repeated a couples hours later.. Spread out.. So frustrating and I’m not even with fido or Rogers.. It was the person sending it unintentionally… She using iPhone and I have Samsung… So it’s a samsung issue?

    • traceyge

      iPhones use iMessage which is it’s own texting message system. Androids use SMS, which is having the problem.

    • Mo Dabbas

      It’s something related to devices that are LTE calling compatible. My G5 was having this issue while my oneplus 3 didn’t. I found a fix when I activated WiFi calling on the G5 as the phone was choosing to use WiFi even though I put it in the settings to use cellular network as a preferred method unless not available.

  • Nick Papasodaro

    This issue is widespread across all devices, I manage a Rogers Store and have had multiple customers with multiple devices having the same issue. iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry are all affected, it is a network issue and not a software issue.

  • C.L. E.

    It’s been happening for a while on my wife’s Galaxy s7 with texts all over place not sending or sending double or triple…It’s getting very annoying since she has an in home business and relys a lot on SMS:( I have the S7 Edge and haven’t had many issues, once in a while texts send slowly​ or not at all but that’s rare. I’ve tried everything for her expect turning off the VoLTE …I’m going to try that until they publish the fix.

  • traceyge

    It’s been happening on all 3 of our phones for over 2 weeks now. It’s only because they have numerous complaints that they’ve finally decided to do something. Still not timeframe on the fix.

  • xBURK

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been trying everything to fix and search how to fix it the last few days thinking it was my device.

    • Jessica Hogeveen

      Same!!! I just upgraded to Nougat on my s7. I was resetting everything back to default lol!!

  • Crystal

    Ridiculous!!! most of us don’t have land lines and of course the data rates are so high that when you run out of data and they run a stupid update that basically resets your phone… then bam, now you can’t use it at all…. Wow Rogers!!!

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  • fruvous

    Wow! The value! Two SMS for the price of 1.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      No value, they charge you for each additional SMS. /s

      Although, not sure who has limited texts these days except PayGo customers.

  • deMTL

    The only thing they bothered changing in their tweets is a period to !

  • Joyce Truckle

    I’ve been with rogers since they bought att up until 9 years ago there services ran good now all I get is difficultly with reception sending receiving message and making calls 90% of the time I don’t get calls it goes to voice mail unless I’m in a city. I’ve complained I’ve up graded because that what they blame it on if i havent in the two years all they do is sell you more and it cost you more money. I’ve was told to put Antena on my roof to fix my reception problem. They don’t offer me discount for my issues. I’m really gonna find another provider someone that is for the customer not there greedy pockets.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      “I’m really gonna find another provider someone that is for the customer not there greedy pockets.”

      Good luck with that thinking. Report back here when you found that carrier that’s for the customer not to line their greedy pockets. I think you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than finding a carrier whose whole business model is in place to make money off the consumer. I mean c’mon $10 for a SIM card, $50 to unlock a phone? What year is this? Just look at those outrageous mobile plan costs – carriers across the board.

  • Lee

    I turned off volte months ago and it made this stop for me and friends

  • dstruct2k

    Duplicated texts has been a Rogers thing for YEARS. Why is it suddenly news now?

  • Vicki Michelis

    Funny, Im not receiving and sending duplicate messages,,,,Im getting them SEVEN times over! Ridiculous !!

  • Kbird One

    I saw this article when it 1st came out , and thought it would get fixed pretty fast but sending texts is still an issue , at least here on a Nexus 6P on 7.1.2 now (was 7.1.1)…so it isn’t a Samsung issue I’ve had this for months and thought it was a network issue at 1st. The 6p can use Volte but AFAIK it Volte and the ^p are not supported by Rogers , at least I can’t find any setting for it.