SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 115: Feels so fly like a G6


  • 1messager

    Yeap fly like a g6!

  • danakin

    This week we get host Igor along with Patrick, Rose, and Ian. News of this lineup hope springs to a redemption from last week’s tepid offering. Ian’s presence typically raises the level of the show and today was no exception.

    LG’s G6 kicked off the discussion. It wasn’t mentioned whose idea it was, but the “Yes – Yes – No” approach to the initial roundtable discussion was a winner. Igor ably managed everyone’s takes on various G6 opinions and observations by limiting them to answers of yes, yes, and no. On the surface this seems like an oversimplification of a flagship release operating in the shadow of its domestic rival. In reality, the format was both playful and engaging. This was an excellent recap of a key 2017 device and should also be commended for not falling, title aside, into the now too obvious and overused Far East Movement reference.

    Of surprising note was how well Rose presented herself. For this show, and hopefully more to follow, she deferred the clownish aspect of her delivery and focused her energy on her many well executed takes. All of her points and rebuttals hit the mark and she added to the quality of the show; not something consistently on offer from Ms. Behar.

    The second segment focused on Toronto City Council’s demand for unlimited data plans. This is the kind of topic that isn’t great for a roundtable format because there’s precious little room for debate and discussion. Right off the hop Ian hit the mark when he remarked that this is likely a strategy from a bottom-feeder on City Council angling for easy approval marks. The rest of the discussion touched on the potential of “unlimited” plans and how they’ve been neutered by throttling in the USA.

    For listeners hungry for real, usable content, this was a fine podcast.

    This week’s show gets a 8.6 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. More Ian and more of this Rose!