LG G6 can now be purchased for $839 no-term in Canada


  • Eric Tang

    But still very poor battery life even after the latest software update.

    • Sad to hear, this phone went from definite yes to nope for me. I’ll be picking up the S8+ in spite of disliking Samsung’s vision of Android.

    • Mo Dabbas

      The poor battery life has been a thing with LG phones for a while. The G5 has a 2800 mAh battery that lasts as much as a Galaxy S6 2600 mAh. The V20 has a 3200 mAh battery and yet a lot complain about the terrible battery life.
      I think it’s something related with software rather than the actual hardware, and LG doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out. Also, back to software, I tried the G5 and I get quite often some performance hiccups which from I read online seems to be carried over to the V20. Like app crash, go back to home and wait a couple of seconds before the apps and widgets there start showing up, occasional freezes/lag when opening an app or so. While those sort of things sounds minor, it makes it annoying to use the phone. So this makes me wonder if LG worked out these things with their new UI.

  • TP

    This should have been the price from the initial launching.
    At $999.99, it had no chance against Galaxy S8.

    • Hunter Miller

      This is the official price the device just launched

    • TP

      Yeah, but most people by now thinks it is $999.99. Also, pre-order was available last a few weeks for $999.99 too.

  • Dimitri

    They should have priced this at launch instead of now. Seems like LG and the carriers are trying to bring the price down either due to the S8 coming out in 2 weeks or they noticed the issues and complaints about the pricing. Very poor battery life after the update that came out and the camera isn’t that great as they said ( as per reviews).

    • specialk2000

      Didn’t reviews say the G6 has a great camera?

    • Dimitri

      I got base reviews by users that don’t work for tech sites as remember, tech sites get the phones for free vs users pay for them and review them base on the actual use and not just use of a device for a couple day or week.

    • RossBossly

      the phone hasent officially launched yet… LGs launch date is April 7th but carriers are allowed to sell any stock they get ahead of schedule.

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  • Tim3Tripp3r

    It seems odd as well that Canadian carriers are still flogging the V20 for full retail. It’s been at Fm since fall & just been released to the rest of the bunch not long ago. Fm did briefly sell the V20 for $800.00 at Xmas but then raised it back up. So LG’s retail strategy is a bit perplexing to say the least.

    • TP

      To me, V20 is like Samsung’s Note series. Note series usually still retain their price even after the new S phone is launched.

  • Omar

    Hope this phone sells good. Just got a OP3T so have to pass on this.

  • Christian

    It’s 300$ less than almost same phone… S8 plus Samsung.. Wow good deal

  • Fearless OneSix

    Well oops to those guys selling G6 for 850+ on kijiji! ;D

    But I know I’m holding g off for a “after 3months” review for both s8 and G6. I know they both have quick charge but I’d rather have consistent 18+hr battery life and 5+hr screen time. But Samsung promises less than 10% degradation over 2 years use. But…

    But WOW!$840 vs $1000 for s8. Man i think G6 for $840 outright is $10 cheaper than G5 at WINDom launch last year man! Wow! But must resist and wait…!


  • bloodless

    Ok so if purchased from Freedom as it has the lowest price…
    What is the cheapest and best unlocking service and price so I can use this on Koodo ?

    • Zach Gilbert

      Be careful. The phone may not work on the LTE network of Koodo because Freedom uses the AWS network and Band 66 LTE.

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  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    It’s still uncertain when and if the Cdn LG G4 will get Nougat…you have to treat LG flagships as one update and done. So the G6 shipping with N and then gets O. The G3 got one extra update and whereas the G2 didn’t.

    I have a G4 which is still good on Marshmellow so no need to upgrade for me right now. But I paid $375 for it used only 9 months after release so I’ll probably stick with that strategy if I move to the G6.

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