Sonos’ CEO wants to add Google and Alexa integration to its speakers


  • Eluder

    Would love this so I can use my Home with my Sonos Play 5. Even though the Sonos app is decent, nothing is easier than telling your Home to play some music. 🙂

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    that’s what i’m waiting for before i purchase any of these Amazon or Google products. Integration with Sonos.

  • simphf

    Give me some Cortana aswell.

  • Cowpoke Sal

    This is correct, Patrick; for some time now Sonos has seemingly put most of it’s effort into developing ‘voice control’ amongst other technologies.
    Having a superb line of speakers and the best OS in the business, Sonos is looking to the future.
    Trueplay tuning for speakers marked a huge advance on their rivals but then Sonos have been around since 2002 I believe and have led and continue to dominate the market.
    Thankfully they did not pursue the so-called ‘Hi-Res’ music development though MQA could present an interesting possibility…
    Okay, I am biased; I jus’ love my Sonos multiroom system.