SyrupCast 104: ‘Switching’ to Freedom’s LTE network


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  • danakin

    This week’s foursome, with the task of matching the tone and content of last week, included regulars Patrick, Igor, and rose. Shane Dingman of the Globe and Mail rounds out the roster.

    This episode had many high points and some ho-hum lapses. At no time, however, did it ever dip into some of the silliness or lack-of-preparedness that saddled episodes of the recent past.

    The Freedeom LTE segment provided both sound information and the seed for a drinking game (if you’re so inclined). First, the LTE discussion. Lots of informative discussion if lacking in passion. That being said, it’s obvious Rose did her homework and those who would criticize the non-scientific or comprehensive if not exhaustive approach are off base. Her effort provided the platform for much of the show’s content.

    Now, about this drinking game. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed how often Patrick says “right?”. It peppered the first segment so much I was left wondering if his compensation is indexed to his utterance of the word. It’s mildly annoying and points to an opportunity for growth as a public speaker. You’d also be way over the limit if you took a shot every other time he used the word.

    The Nintendo discussion was OK. It covered the bases without ever standing either in out excellence or annoyance.

    On to the final segment on the possibility of Netflix being taxed in Canada. Here the podcast team had their finest moments. Insightful discussion on whether the service contributes to Canadian arts and culture, people’s willingness to pay more – especially cord cutters, and traditional broadcasters (BBC etc.) partnering with a service willing to spend to create content. This is the type of discussion that challenges listeners and validates the fourth estate. Here is where Shane added the most value. He wasn’t as dynamic or insightful as Ted Kritsonis from episode 103 yet added value to the ‘cast.

    This week’s show gets a 8.2 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score.