Fitbit is using Pebble’s software expertise to build an app store and smartwatch


  • Shogun

    In truth many of the apps that were on the Pebble app store were pretty bad but that may also be due in large part to the terrible UI that Pebble used on their watches. Perhaps with the smoother, and more professional look of the UI on wearables like the Blaze they can put something decent together.

  • Jason

    I’ve been keeping my eye on Fitbit since they bought Pebble, I know mine won’t last forever and I really want a watch that will last more then a day so I’m hopeful Pebble will live on.

  • Richard Kirchknopf

    as I understand it Fitbit did not “acquire” Pebble. Pebble is dead. Fitbit scooped up some of the intellectual property. Why is this distinction relevant? If you recently bought a Pebble, who is providing your warranty? As far as I know, nobody. Pebble is dead. Fitbit just scavenged what they could use from the corpse. I don’t have any problem with Fitbit doing this. It is smart to pick up good technology. But Fitbit did not buy up the Pebble name and Fitbit is not supporting Pebble products.

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