Apple removes app that helps your find your AirPods from the App Store


  • Shogun

    Haha….Pretty hilarious that this app was even made in the first place because I goes to the heart of what makes these Airpods so bad and that’s the very high probability of losing them altogether. Even then I’m not sure this app would help very much unless you were lucky to lose them in your own four walls.
    These will go down as a flop for Apple just like the iPod shuffle (3rd generation). Both as useless as tiiits on a bull.

    • It’s Me

      How do people find their Samsung iconx when they lose them?

      Seems to be a lot of bitterness from people that won’t use these.

    • Sighmonsez

      I think what people are saying, in general, is that the design of the Apple earbud (both wired and wireless) cause them to not stay in the ears as snugly as the ones with foam/silicone tips so they fall out and get lost easier. I personally find that to be the case although your experience may be different.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      You better watch out with what you’re saying. The fanboys will come and eat you alive. Trust me!

    • Shogun

      I can handle those guys. They are tame compared to certain other fanboys of certain unnamed brands out ther 😉

    • demigod79

      Indeed. I’ve said this before, but they should have connected the AirPods with a cord (like most other wireless buds). It would have made them far more difficult to lose, and would make them easier to use (I wear my BT headphones around my neck I’m out of the house). Plus, a cord can accommodate buttons for volume and track controls and it would have created a more natural look to the AirPods and so would have been better aesthetically.

    • ciderrules

      Guess you didn’t read the AirPods poll showing people aren’t having trouble with them staying in, let alone losing them.

    • Rev0lver

      What was the sample size of this poll? Did it include some sort of verification that the response was from someone who actually owned the AirPods?

      Or was it just a random internet poll that means absolutely nothing?

    • Sighmonsez

      Haha, you hate companies named after fruit. At least you don’t discriminate. Carry on.

    • Brad Fortin

      “These will go down as a flop for Apple just like the iPod shuffle (3rd generation).”

      A Slice Intelligence report from yesterday: “AirPods have taken the top spot for wireless headphones in the last several weeks, however, gaining 26 percent of wireless headphone spending in the weeks since the December launch.”

      26% of all wireless headphone sales after only a few weeks doesn’t seem like a flop to me.

  • Mario Gaucher

    headphones’ A10 chip?
    Is this new?

    • nonenone22

      Agreed. It should read W1 chip.