Amazon and Pandora to launch streaming services that compete with Apple and Spotify


  • Anton Bruckner

    Until this is introduced in Canada its a non-issue Jessica. Few Americans read this website so I fail to see the reason hyping up a service than no Canadian can readily access on a device (Amazon Echo) that isn’t even commercially available in Canada.

    p.s. word of advice guys. This a site ostensible dedicated to tech that is ideally available in Canada. Who gives a shjt about a service or a device that isn’t sold here? Do you? Time to get real and get back to your roots because stories like this have NO IMPACT, ZERO…on the Canadian user unless he’s pirating and even that’s a stretch.

    • Ipse

      Amazon has always ignored Canada in all their more attractive offerings….I’m all in favor of boycotting them…at least on this site 🙂
      The pain I have to endure to use a FireTV is not funny. Same goes for Pandora over VPN. You don’t want this market? Fine, there will always be alternatives.

    • It’s called The Great White Shaft and every company does it. And we all know why: there’s so few people in Canada it’s hardly worth the effort to make every product and service available.

      It’s still interesting to know what’s available outside our borders, and perhaps then we can start asking and the manufacturers can start adjusting their offerings.

      Fortunately when it comes to buying products we really want we make a quick trip across the border, either to store or a drop box. Or just pay the shipping & duty and get it shipped to us.

      When it comes to services it’s not so obvious, but this site does do a pretty good job of explaining how to get around geographical restrictions.

    • Jessica Vomiero

      I’d wager that Canadians care about the companies that are changing the staples of music and entertainment around the world, such as Amazon, Pandora, Apple and Spotify. Whether or not Amazon brings its services to Canada, a population that’s informed about the world at large is one that has the means to ask for changes to be made. 🙂