Forthcoming Telus ‘Premium Plus’ plans will let customers pay less upfront, more down the road

For those who’d rather pay less for their phones initially even if it means paying more on their monthly plans, Telus is launching a new tier of “Your Choice” plan called “Premium Plus” on June 23rd.

According to documents sourced by MobileSyrup, Premium Plus plans add $10 to the monthly price of a user’s plan, but provide a larger device subsidy at the point of purchase. An example given in the documents show that a device that costs $400 upfront on a Premium Smartphone plan will cost only $200 with a Premium Plus plan, though it does not indicate if the subsidy is $200 extra for all devices across the board.

In exchange for the lower initial purchase price, Premium Plus plan will run $65 for 300 local minutes, $70 for unlimited local calling and $75 for unlimited nationwide calling. Data is added on top of that price, starting at $25 for 1GB. Altogether, that puts a Premium Plus customer with unlimited nationwide calling and 1GB of data at $100 before taxes.

Premium Smartphone, the tier below Premium Plus, is 10 dollars less comparatively, while the mid-range Smartphone tier is $20 less and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is $25 less.

This new pricing tier will be available for new activations and upgrades, and is only available on consumer accounts, though Telus offers a similar tier for business called “SharePlus Ultra Voice & Data.”

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