Here’s our best look at Pokémon Go yet


  • I hope it has traditional battles. That would make this the last game I will ever need to buy

    • Sean-Paul

      I’m super excited for this game. This concept is awesome. I just hope it doesn’t kill my battery

    • Aiden

      Oh it will. It’s an augmented reality game, so your battery is pretty much toast already! 😉

  • Matthew Pringle

    Have you ever thought of editing your articles before posting them?

  • Jason

    im super stoked for this game but the more i hear about specific locations i get worried about how it will work in canada, like “go to a museum” theres only one in my city and if i leave the city there isnt a museum for 200km. the same can be said for specific pokemon locations theres no mountains or bodies of water near me.

    • Unorthodox

      I am all for the specific locations rather than “uncover a portal near your work place” Ingress-style asset allocation. As if there is not enough distractions on kid’s phones to get them not look around when they cross the roads.

  • God… My wife is going to spend so much money on this, she loves the Nintendo 3DS games too. I’ll secretly play it too, but shhhh 😉 lol

    • Sean-Paul

      No worries. We won’t tell anyone. Mum’s the word

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  • Andrew English

    Looks too good to be true.

  • FlamesFan89

    My son can’t wait for this. I showed him the trailer when it was first released and he went bananas. I think it will be fun to go around town to different locations and try and catch the pokemon and explore the city at the same time.