Wind Mobile puts Galaxy S7 on sale, now $100 cheaper with no-term


  • Jack

    The question is if they have it in store or not?! Most complaint I heard is poor stocking and inventory. They can sell as cheap as they want but what’s point if customer cannot get it?!

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      I bought mine Nexus 6P through their online store. Hopefully this device is also available there.

  • KiwiBri

    so… could you buy outright and take and use on another network?? I wonder if the other guys will follow ?

    • Stephen B Morris

      No. No store would ever do that outside of the ones that are not selling service. You would still have to activate a line and pay to get the phone unlocked. If you live in the GTA, go to the Samsung Store in Sherway Gardens. You will find what you seek. They operate like the Apple Store.

    • Kattz

      They’re actually pretty good about unlocking. Get a pay after plan (prepaid) They will unlock it for $30 as long as the phone is fully paid off. Just tell them that the service wasn’t working for you. It will probably be the truth.

    • Diane Elizabeth Adams

      Apparently the Wind phones (once they are locked to Wind) are literally on a different frequency and even if you do get it unlocked the big places like Rogers and such will not be able to use it on their network! 🙁

    • Kattz

      Yes, that is true in some cases. Some phones that work Bell/Rogers/Telus don’t work with Wind either. Wind is different than the Big 3. You have to check the model number. If the Wind phone is the same model number as the model used by thr Big 3 it will work on their networks. Also check with the carrier. In my experience Bell will act stupid and tell you to buy a Bell phone.

      In the case of the Galaxy S7/Edge it is the same, so an unlocked one from any Canadian carrier will work on Wind. Phones that work on T-Mobile in the US usually work with Wind as well. You use T-Mobile if you get a package with US service.

      The frequencies/bands that a phone supports is something that is built into the phone. It cannot be changed by activating a phone on a different network. Think of it like a radio station.

    • James Kelly

      Not true.

    • AJ Mackay

      Ya you just have to pay extra for them to unlock it for you.

    • KiwiBri

      The new Samsung range of phones are carrier unlocked. As soon as the first Sim card is inserted it looks to that carrier. At the Samsung shop they will give you an unlock code when you buy it outright

    • aaron

      That will not work because wind uses different wireless spectrum frequency. That’s why they’re plan is cheaper because government subsidize their operation cost.

    • KiwiBri

      As far as I am aware there us only one model Samsung S7 for Canada and it has all radios on board.

    • Kattz

      No, the government does not subsidize them. They are cheaper because they have fewer towers and low quality service. When new wireless spectrum is auctioned they are given an advantage over the established carriers. The government is just trying to givebusca choice and create some competition. Wind had a Wikipedia page if you’re interested.