Virgin Mobile launches two new BYOP plans


  • BriniaSona

    Who uses a phone without Data in 2016? These plans are useless.

    • JTon

      This plan doesn’t suit me or anyone I know therefore it is useless

    • RoboBonobo

      My grandma, and my mom.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      They should just build a kiosk outside the senior/manor house as these plans are catered for retired seniors.

    • knize10

      Virgin garbage attempt to suck wallets dry.

    • Brad Fortin

      Anyone born before 1950?

    • h2oflyer

      You guys are pissing me off!

      I was born before 1950 and need my 6G of data.

    • Frenchy

      Lol, you are an exception 🙂

    • MassDeduction

      Is this based on people you know, or on professional market analysis?

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Brad, my dad was born before 1950 and he got data plan on his account.

    • Brad Fortin

      Did you forget your sense of humour at home?

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I thought it you took it away from me? 😛

    • Brad Fortin

      Must be an age thing. Are you in the “before 1950” category? lol

  • I don’t see this on their website (yet).

  • Allan

    Why does that Samsung phone have on-screen navigation buttons?

    • BriniaSona

      Probably a render.

  • BriniaSona

    Welcome to Robelus. How may we rip you off for two years?

  • HelloCDN

    This seems like a great plan for a grandma. Except that Virgin branding suggests they’re after young people…
    Virgin always seemed out of place to me. Fido and Koodo have glimpses real customer care come out with some of their promotional plans, but Virgin has never offered anything special. Unless you count 5% off H&M as special…

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Egh, every big cell carrier needs their flanker brand. Koodo has/had their Mexican wrestler, Fido has their dogs, and Virgin has their painful attempt to be hip and relevant.

  • “while they’re hot.”

    Virgin’s annoying marketing spin always seemed so contrived. I can’t believe any teens are gullible enough to actually feel like the company speaks to them rather than patronizes them.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      So true. I’ve been with Virgin for years (grandfathered plan), but every time I call my voicemail and the Aussie voice tells me to “punch in your PIN number”, it makes me want to put my phone through a wall.

  • Leif Shantz

    Virgin mobile slogan: “We love to offer a deal that will extract every penny from you wallet!”

  • this would be great for a second line. Something simple and cheap

  • Terry Schonauer

    An unlimited Canada wide calling pkg with 5Gb of data, and unlimited international texting, unlimited Canada/US picture messenging, call display, voicemail, in Manitoba is $48/month with the BYOB, that’s pretty great considering I have a Platinum plan with same amount of data and unlimited Canada wide calling and the stuff everyone gets and I pay $69/month. A saving on $21 or 30% is nothing to sneeze at, it’s pretty substantial. You have to remember that rate prices and plans available depend on the province. Play around with the province you’re calling from and see what happens to the BYOB offers. My plan in Ontario would cost almost double what I pay in Manitoba.

    • Terry Schonauer

      Keep in mind when I brought my own phone to Virgin Mobile all I got was 10% off the price of my plan. That was the offer for several years, at least in Manitoba…

    • Your post must be wrong.

      I have been informed repeatedly by the big 3 that our plans in Canada are so expensive because we have low population density and it would be impossible to match the prices in regions with high population density.

      To that end you must be incorrect in saying that MTS and Sakstel, which operate exclusively in low pop density provinces and don’t have the benefit of averaging the price across higher pop density areas, are cheaper than the big three since they are even more disadvantaged by low population density.


    • Terry Schonauer

      That is EXACTLY the case. They have their own networks and undercut the competition and then they have no choice but to offer similar plans and prices just to compete in the market. In fact MTS has better cell and data coverage across Manitoba than any of the other big 3 and their associated “discount* companies. So if you are calling from someplace other than Brandon and Winnipeg (recognizably as having the majority of Manitoba’s population you pretty much HAVE to have MTS for cellular phone coverage, you probably have MTS Internet and cable too. Like I said, just change the province you’re calling from, the evidence and proof is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Had you looked first, you wouldn’t have sent this incorrect and therefore silly post. Or perhaps you are just unwilling to open your eyes. You will find both Saskatchewan and Manitoba followed by Quebec as having the cheapest rates, and all of those provinces have a provincial incumbent/solution which I think receive government subsidies to help provide coverage for remote areas. Like I said, if you don’t believe me, JUST CHANGE THE PROVINCE YOU’RE CALLING FROM AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF. Did you hear me this time?

    • 4beaches

      /s = sarcasm….

    • Ipse

      You got “berned” 🙂
      Missed the last line…

    • Mel

      Yet Virgin Mobile can manage to offer better deals in Australia, another country “disadvantaged” with low population density…

  • Justin Brooks

    No data. Get these plans “while they’re hot”. 😛

  • Serge Cote

    One day later, theses BYOP plans are still not available on the Virgin Mobile web site, even in Quebec or Ontario. it seems that this is a false rumor!

  • blzd

    Wind’s slow data is still better than no data. I’ll stick with my grandfathered $25 a month for 5GB.

  • Nivek King

    Who needs data, let’s run from coffee shop to coffee shop, there is one on every street.

  • FishTire

    carriers bringing back LOCAL minutes. smh

    • Ipse

      100 local minutes…I thought that was a typo. REALLY Bhell?

  • Crossed

    This is just depressing. Virgin talks to you like you’re 12.

  • FishTire

    They just want us to keep our Jeans low and loose! Not high and tight like they should be!

  • Shawn Yogii

    Garbage they are specficly making it so you have to add data at a more expensive rate….. how desprate are they?