Wind Mobile restructures WINDtab terms and conditions [Update – now in effect]


  • casey

    So there basically moving to the same system as everyone else.

    • somebody else

      Pretty much. US carriers have been doing it for some time now, we only following suit shortly after. 😛

  • Kyolux

    Maybe they’ll also have decent tabs on the phones now. Right now I see no reason not to stick to my current phone even though I’m not on a tab.

    • Shawn

      I’m not sure I get you. I BYOD’d to Wind and am saving incredible amounts of money since I’m using my old phone from Telus.

      My wife needed an upgrade, so she moved to Wind, got a new phone and got a Wind Tab Boost. We put extra money down on the phone so we have smaller monthly payments. (In theory, we could have gotten an expensive phone with a huge Wind Tab Boost and less money down. But it was more important for us to keep our monthly costs down.)

      I like the flexibility of choosing how much I pay per month and how much I pay upfront depending on how expensive of a phone I want.

      So I like the system. I’m not sure what you want changed.

    • Kyolux

      I guess I just prefer the way it was before they added the tab boosts where you had an amount based on your service plan instead.

      Looking at regular tab right now, Nexus 5X is $500…(outright 599).. compare that to asked price on google play store.. 439.99.. and that was another $50 cheaper just a few weeks ago with free shipping.

      So they’re basically locking you for 2 years and saying you’re saving money on your phone when you really aren’t..

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      The Nexus is not an ideal example (it is the usual exception) as Google’s price rarely is matched by carriers.

  • David

    This is good because the old system was basically a contract in disguise as it resulted in big penalties if you left early.

    • Eric M.

      Well while much easier and much better for the customer, both work similarly so if you do leave early in both cases you would pay a cancellation fee however with the new system the amount will be substantially less.

    • somebody else

      Remaining balance, nothing added on, not cancellation fee.

    • hardy83

      It’s still a contract in disguise. At least you lower your bill amount faster, though it probably still wont’ change people waiting to 2 years to upgrade since it still takes 2 years to fully clear it.

    • somebody else

      No big penalties, just a balance owing, that you pay off when taking out another device. A contract would add $xxx.xx per the amount of remaining months left, that was hefty.

  • CDixyray

    how do you guys feel about winds call quality? I’m with rogers but looking around.

    • Shawn P. Conroy

      Depends on location. In Barrie I’m having no problems with Wind. Data probably a little slower than when I was on Telus, but I don’t notice. I’m saving a lot of money, which matters more to me. But then again, I don’t make many voice calls.

    • CDixyray


    • will

      What speeds are yo getting now? You said a little slower than Telus…….

    • Shawn

      I’ve never tested. I assume it’s slower speed because that’s what I’m told. But I find all cell phones on all networks have high latency compared to a wired land connection. It’s latency that bothers me more than overall speed. In fact, I find it a little slow when I’m on wifi as well, compared to my computer.

      In any event, I didn’t notice the speed change. But I accept it probably is slower. I’m sometimes on a 3G connection instead of a fake 4G or H connection.

    • Martin Chan

      Call quality is the same as everyone else as long as you get signal. Data is considerably slower where I live.

    • Ben S

      i was coming to ask this myself. i’ve been with Rogers for years, but honestly don’t use my phone much outside home (Don Mills), wondering how frustrating it’d be to on Wind for downtown and GTA

    • McNucklefuts

      It really fluctuates on your market and location in that market. In Edmonton my phone worked phenomenally on the South Side, but once I got to the University Campus calls would drop, voice would be choppy, and all around things would kind of crap out. Likely related to the student demographic being a prime market for WIND, and therefore the towers being slightly over capacity.
      But when I was elsewhere it was identical to what I found with Telus and others.

    • Omar

      I don’t know if they still offer this, but you should look into it. When I firs signed up with Wind they offered me one month free trial. I didn’t go on a tab or anything so I could cancel at any time. But if they still do and you’re interested, that may be something to check out as their coverage works differently in different places and they’re currently working on improving their service in Canada.

    • Shawn

      Just bring your own phone. Then you don’t get a tab. No worries. If you like it, you can get a new phone.

      I was told we had 2 weeks to return our new phone. I assume that’s the time limit to test the service. You may have to pay for the service you used. But half a month would be ~$20 with taxes.

    • n_kan

      i was with wind around 2011 and didn’t like their service, and their coverage. It was sparse where i lived and often got cut off while calling on the road. I moved to koodo because they were supposed to be an innovative company that was going to change how telecoms operated. That worked well until they became just another company following suit. I then switched back to wind recently (nov 2015). their coverage has gotten way better, service has gotten way better and I’m currently on a BOYP plan that gives me unlimited usage for atleast $10 / month less than other telecoms.

      I recently took a trip outside of Ontario to BC where there is no home network for Wind. So i was roaming and i often used my phone to call and text. I maybe used 1 hour of total talk time and it racked up less than $10. I was also in US and had my car break down. I was roaming then and the phone worked really well. in total, my calls + texts while roaming cost me $18 which i offset with $5 service credit. And there was no difference in call quality out of province or out of the country.

      Before replying to you just now, i did a quick speed test on my phone using Data. the speed i get is 11.88 mbps down/1.98mbps up and i am able to stream videos (youtube) just fine with no stutter. For most people this is more than enough so why pay more for the same service?

      All in all, even if i roam every now and again, I’m paying less than i did with other telecoms. I really hope people read this, do some mental calcs on how often they’re out of the wind zone and consider giving wind a chance. If you are within windzone for 80-90% of your time, and go out for 20%, you’re still saving lots with wind.

      And in case you are wondering.. i don’t get endorsement $$ from wind. This is just a public service that i wanted to do for everyone out there that’s on the fence with Wind.

  • JP

    So basically Wind is finally admitting that their last tab system has been illegal since the CRTC code kicked into effect. Subsidies need to be subdivided proportionally over the length of the contract.

    • Shawn

      Nope. They last 2 years regardless. This doesn’t change how much you pay, technically. And this doesn’t change the length of the tab. (Though it may decrease the amount of time you are on a Tab.)

      But illegal is more than 2 years. That’s not the case here.

    • Dave Loewen

      Actually JP is right. The old system was illegal, the new system is finally legal. The difference for customers is that now, if people want to leave their contract early, they pay a fair and proportional rate rather than what amounts to a big fat (illegal) penalty.

    • Guest

      Actually you are not correct. The wireless code stipulated that your device balance only had to reduce by an equal amount each month; not necessarily by an amount equal to your device subsidy divided by 24 months. Provided the device subsidy no longer existed last 24 months it was perfectly legal. It was not in line with the intended interpretation of the code but it was technically adhering to the guidelines.

      This new change is much better for customers though and I am very pleased to see this change. Keep in mind WIND is now one of the only providers offering a $600 subsidy option while most others are in the $500-$550 range. I am much more inclined to consider a higher tab boost option now with this change.

    • Dave Loewen

      I’m right, you’re wrong. the Key words are “such that”.

      “The early cancellation fee must be reduced by an equal amount each month, over a maximum of 24 months, such that the early cancellation fee is reduced to $0 by the end of the period.”

    • Guest

      “for indeterminate contracts: The early cancellation fee must not exceed the value of the device subsidy. The early cancellation fee must be reduced by an equal amount each month, over a maximum of 24 months, such that the early cancellation fee is reduced to $0 by the end of the period.”

      WIND’s current tab system has an equal reduction (10% of your monthly payment), covers a period of 24 months, and the cancellation fee is in fact 0 at the end of the 24 months.

      If this system was in fact contradicting the wireless code then it would have required a change long ago.

    • Dave Loewen

      Again, “such that”. You don’t seem to understand the meaning of the words “such that”. That it didn’t change until now doesn’t show that they had a valid interpretation, it just shows how both clueless and powerless the CRTC is.

    • Omis

      Yeah I wonder how many people they pick pocketed with that scheme.

    • Dan man

      i mean if you stick with them for the two years there really isn’t any difference. If you want to cancel thats another story.

    • Omis

      Cancel at 23 months and you’ll see the difference. One way it would have cost you $160 and the other it costs you $10.

    • Shawn

      I think they have around a million subscribers? Most? I assume.

      Though interestingly, those people saved money at the same time it was stolen from them. I never used that system as I BYOD’d. But I loved their lower prices.

    • Omis

      No it would only affect those on tabs that ended up cancelling early. This “new” tab system is how they are supposed to do it. If you cancelled early on their current system, the longer you were with them, the more money they stole from you.

    • Shawn

      My point was they may have stolen so many dollars a month, but it’s less than the number of dollars saved by switching to Wind in the first place. I’m saving $30/month. There is no way the average ‘stolen’ from me would be more than $30/month.

    • Omis

      It doesn’t matter how much they save you, they are still stealing from people. And if you have to buy a phone outright, and factor that cost over 24 month period, Wind isn’t saving you much to be on their crumby network.

  • Andrew English

    If WIND improves their services by the end of this year I might upgrade my device through them otherwise I am going to move on and pay the piper for one of the packages from one of the big 3. The price is right with WIND but the QOS isn’t. Sorry I live in Markham North were there is no service; there are a lot of cell towers however.

  • MoYeung

    Only if WIND can get new model iPhones on WindTab …

    • somebody else

      Eh, long shot.

    • Joseph

      We shall find out soon enough as with Shaw now backing them it may just give apple the push to do it and with them being able to expand at a much faster rate it could do it for that as well……but we shall wait till Septemember

  • somebody else

    At least it deducts more off the tab compared to the old system. Then again, won’t matter for me since I don’t end a tab early, or intend to switch from wind, anytime soon.

  • p_lindsay

    How is Wind these days? I’m really thinking about changing.

    • blzd

      Sounds like it really varies depending on your area. In Toronto (NorthYork/Scarborugh area) I get good reception, no dropped calls, and between 5-11 Mbps download speeds for a bit over 2 years now.

    • p_lindsay

      I decided to change to Wind 3 weeks ago. So far my experience is identical to yours. Really happy I did it.

  • abc123

    The only way I can see this being better for the customer is if they decide to leave before the tab is paid off.

    If I stay the full 2 years:
    1. the old calculation would indicate a total of $48 * 2 years = $96 in monthly payments. So Wind’s payoff promise is $250-96= $154

    2. The new calculation would indicate a total of $125.04 * 2 = $250.08
    So Wind’s payoff promise is $0. So there really is no payoff promise because YOU PAID the entire cost of the phone!

    So in other words, assuming that the phone upfront cost is $0 and the value of the phone is $250, you only pay $96 in the old system. In the new system, you pay $250.

    Am I missing something here?

    • Nikisha

      yes the benefit of the new way is for those who want to upgrade early. If you plan to wait for your 2 year agreement to end, this change doesnt really affect you.
      In both methods, you as a customer dont actually pay anything above what you pay in store (unless you get the boost but that is totally seperate)….the amount just comes off of your WindTab

  • Freddy Hajoong Jeong

    I’ve tried using Wind for 3 months but decided to switch back to Major carrier due to bad signal strength / extremely slow internet. What’s the point of data being unlimited if the speed doesn’t even allow you to browse the web properly

    • Shawn

      I had the reverse problem: what’s the point in having expensive, high speed internet, if you can only use a tiny amount per month.

      Here in Barrie, no problem. But I guess it depends on location.

    • Freddy Hajoong Jeong

      really? cause even with full signal, i couldn’t bare the slow internet speed it had. I used iphone 6 unlocked with wind and the internet speed was just incredibly slow

  • Ryan Lo

    Nope. Look at the math you bunch of sheep! Instead they are actually profitting a lot more than before changing into this new system. Before, you could stay with the same device without paying off your entire windtab and adter 2 years they pay off whats left. Hence, “the two year payoff promise” as per old agreement. Now, the only promise they make you is that you pay off the FULL amount of your windtab in 2 years. I wish more people read the fine print before commenting.