Moto G (2014) receives Marshmallow update in Canada


  • MoYeung

    Any news for moto e 2nd gen?

    • Kyolux

      They’re skipping it for some reason.

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      Uh no, Canadian owners of the Moto E 2nd gen (XT1527) will get the Marshmallow update. It was announced by Motorola in late 2015. It is the US that is being bypassed with Latin America & EU getting the update as well.

    • Kyolux

      Only the 4G version of the Moto E 2nd gen is getting the update. So depends on OP’s version.

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      If you want to get technical (I’m sure you do) 1. This is a Canadian website) 2. All Moto E 2nd gen aka Moto E 2015 that were sold in Canada regardless of whether or not they were prepaid or postpaid were model # XT1527. 3. The OP to the question (MoYeung) stated he had the preceding phone. 4. It was announced here on Mobile Syrup by Igor on Dec 9th as official Motorola announced that Moto E 2nd gen WILL BE GETTING THE MARSHMALLOW UPDATE. So I stand by what I said as 100% correct answer to the question put by MoYeung as information can be referenced in multiple sources on the Internet. Only thing not set in stone is the timing.

  • Kyolux

    Got it this morning. Feels like there’s some performance hiccups, but I’m digging the new features.

    I’m looking into using the format micro sd card as internal memory feature. Just gotta back everything up first.

    • Tornado15550

      Regarding the performance hiccups, give the OS some time to settle in. After that, just boot into recovery and clear the cache. It’ll run very smoothly after that.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Try to reset the phone. I had that with my N6. Gave it a quick reset and it’s back to fast. For some reason, android doesn’t deal well with cached memory when you do a major OS update (like this one).

    • Kyolux

      Yeah, I did a cache wipe.
      Transferred my photos on my micro sd somewhere else.
      Formatted the micro SD as internal memory.
      Still had some slowdowns so did another cache wipe.

      Everything is running smooth now.

  • Brad Fortin

    Does this mean the first-gen Moto G, with an identical Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400, will also get the update?

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Nope! Totally not.

  • hardy83

    Word of warning. If you have a crap model with only 8GB or memory, be weary of this update as you can no longer save apps to the SD card.

    The only way to do that is to use the new feature where you format the SD card to be considered an internal one, however if you do that, you can no longer take that SD card out and use it to swap data and stuff around, as well I read that if you take it out once you do that, the data is lost as it has to stay in the device due to the encryption or something.

    • blzd

      Good to know. My friend mentioned the device was no longer able to play songs stored on the SD card. I figured it might have something to do with the “adaptable storage” feature.

    • hardy83

      I just checked. It can play my MP3s off my SD card, as well as it still has my MP3 for my alarm set.
      I didn’t format the SD card to “internal”. I know setting it to internal formats the card, so any data on it would be lost.

  • pjw

    “Some of the improvements you’ll see.. Motorola
    Migrate, and Motorola Alert.”

    Motorola Migrate and Alert are being removed, not improved.

  • Sia

    I upgraded mine to 6.0 and encountered a problem with calling. When I called or answered a call, I couldn’t hear any audio from the ear piece and the other person can’t hear me. I cleared the cache from recovery twice but it didn’t fix it.

    What did fix the problem for me was this:
    Open dialer app > Tap the 3 vertical dots > Settings > Accessibility > uncheck Hearing Aids.

  • firestopguy

    Anybody else having issues with Bluetooth headsets?

    Since the update neither of my two headsets work properly, they connect but there is no sound either direction.

    I’ve tried forgetting and re-pairing but that didn’t work

    Anybody else got any ideas?