Mobilicity revamps monthly rate plans, limits data speeds and reduces roaming allotment


  • David

    And the process to kill off any value in using Mobilicity is underway.

    • Jon R

      The value was in the spectrum, not the subscribers. It’s the same reason why Telus tried to buy it repeatedly.

    • Franco

      I think he means value of us using Mobi not of Rogers owning it.

    • Jon R

      I think it’s pretty clear now that the business models of those other entrants like Mobilicity are not sustainable in Canada. All of those companies have gone through financial problems,and many like Mobility and Public have been acquired by larger companies.

    • David

      Yes, I meant the process of Rogers killing off the cheap flanker brand that saves consumers money. Don’t be surprised if a year from now Mobilicity is either dead or its plans closely mimic Fido’s.

    • If Rogers didn’t buy Mobilicity, they’d have gone bankrupt, and/or been bought out by another large company. Their business model wasn’t sustainable. Rogers isn’t killing Mobilicity anymore than it was killing itself.

  • Tech Guru

    Everyone saw this coming, Wind is next.

    • Andrew English

      WIND is not next.

    • Victor Creed

      They are without question. Maybe not in the immediate future but it will happen.

    • Tech Guru

      This is my point. They have been recently acquired (just like Mobilicity) and they new owners will want to actually make money instead of run at a loss.. similar changes will come to Wind within the next 12 months, price hikes as well..

    • hardy83

      Wind already has data speed caps. 5GB or 10GB if you pay extra. After that you get throttled.

    • somebody else

      3GB extra now, things got changed due to allot of abuse.

    • hardy83

      lol 10/month for an extra 3GB of data. I looked it up, you’re right. That’s not worth it at all.

    • Acco

      Well, Wind’s already been acquired, so check that off. Wind already has full speed allotment caps too… 2/3/8. So check all of that off.

    • Tech Guru

      The sale went through just days ago lol… Wait before you open your mouth.

  • Hello Moto

    The plans are similar to Wind now.

  • Eric King

    Does Rogers have any intention of expanding the coverage zones across their full network and reducing roaming zones, a la Chart?

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I wonder if the current subscribers are grandfathered with the US calling/global text?

    • pjw

      No changes for current subscribers.

  • El Capitan Morgan

    Basically, it means there is no point in signing up with Mobilicity because you’ll get nothing from it. Perhaps there’s still hope with Wind?

  • Charles

    Actually the change is only in 35 plan. 45 plan is same. It was 30 mins roaming before too.
    35 has data (2GB allotment) which is better than 35 before.
    At least now the reception is way better not like Wind.

  • MoYeung

    Why not just close down the brand, send everyone to fido or rogers and get it over with?

    • Tech Guru

      It was a condition of sale.

  • Good bye Mobilicity!

  • Are they using Roger’s bands now?

    • Hello Moto


    • In that case this seems pretty decent. If I can get 5gb for $45 while being on the same network I’m currently on with Fido that’s not too bad.

    • Alexandre Potvin

      Using their bands doesn’t mean dropping the zone concept.

      However, they seemed to have increased their size and scopes given that they now share infrastructure.

  • beyond

    Can we please just merge existing carriers into ONE carrier? All this choice is ridiculous.

    • fruvous

      Then how will the consumer and government think there is competition in the mobile market?

    • John doe

      It’s for marketing purpouses …different brands for different customers… and yea makes it feel like there is competition when there isn’t really

  • fruvous

    I don’t understand Roger’s thinking on this. If Mobi is to be the “stepping stone” for them to introduce people to the “ROGERS NETWORK!!!!!” then the way they have data isn’t the way to do it. Super slow and it would lead me, as a consumer, to think that Chatr, Fido and Rogers would be just as bad since they are the same network and company.

    • fmradio68

      But some people don’t know that they’re all Rogers.

    • somebody else

      Exactly. I use all of the carrier’s subsidaries when telling people about them every time, most ignore or refuse to believe it, even if I link reputable sources. lol

  • pjw

    So many factual errors in this Mobilesyrup report.

    – the $35 plan did not have regular data before (‘light data’ for email); the 2GB of data is a new -addition- to the plan
    – the speed cap on regular data has been in place for 4+ years
    – there were no changes on the $45 plan, it still has the same 6GB of regular data, with the same over-quota throttle-down (256kbps)
    – the included North American voice roaming on the $45 plan was always 30 minutes, not 60

    Ian fails to mention Mobilicity still has the $20 20GB data add-on (full speed), which many readers would consider significant.

    He also failed to note that existing customers will see no changes to their current plans, which would have reassured many.

    ‘Allotment’ is confused with ‘speed’ in the story.

    • somebody else

      **high five**

  • rbobs9

    Uh, I think that the information quoted here is a little off. Mobilicity has always scaled data speeds after the soft cap was reached..this is nothing new. $45 plan also never had 60min of roaming…it has always only been 30 min.

  • Omar

    Truth be told, the $45/month plan isn’t that bad of a deal.