HTC teaser shows how the company is obsessed


  • jellmoo

    I honestly hope HTC has a massive trick up the proverbial sleeve with the M10. Last year, Samsung devices made some pretty big sacrifices, and HTC failed to capitalize on them. This year Samsung shored up those weaknesses, so the hill will be that much harder to climb.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      I’m really hoping they can pull something out of thin air with this release.. I skipped the M9 last year after happily enjoying the M8 for 9 months. The Galaxy family is too familiar and pricey for me this year so I’ll be looking towards LG, HTC and whatever Nexus devices we see towards the end of the year.

  • neo905

    There is no glimpse of the M10 here? Just a stock photo of the M9. Click bait.

  • danakin

    neo905 is right. I’m disappointed MobileSyrup would compromise its principles and resort to such a misrepresentative headline. You’re better than this (I hope).

  • Crossed

    Please don’t mess this up HTC….