These 3 mobile apps will change the way you drive


  • Ron

    First one looks a bit like the Lumia Car app

  • garintoren

    Great article, thanks Ted. We didn’t add voice commands or voice responses as many studies have shown that this adds to distraction. A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety for example, concludes that activities sending a text using voice commands are potentially unsafe mental distractions that can impact driving. AAA’s President and CEO Marshall Doney calls for developers to aim to reduce mental distractions by designing systems that are no more demanding than listening to the radio or an audiobook. Best, Garin Toren, CEO, messageLOUD.

  • Therese_1

    When will it be a Blackberry World app?.

    • awhite2600

      Ummm… Probably never.

    • garintoren

      Actually the phone that Ted used is a Blackberry.

    • AJW

      More precisely, it’s the newest Blackberry. Yes, it’s an Android (Priv).

  • wewewi

    Never heard of AutoMate?

  • WiZZLa

    Google Now, Waze and others do what Tuture does for free, and it’s also automatic. The Android app may be pointless.

    • gmd

      …and for reading SMS out loud and responding, I use Motorola Assist.

  • AJW

    You’ve been using a Priv. The original MS review was done by Daniel. Would you be sharing your thoughts in a future writeup now that your BlackBerry Apps have been updated and you’ve been using it for a while?

  • CultOfOne

    I use Siri to read my messages and I can respond to them with voice. Why would I need a secondary app with less functionality?

  • robinottawa

    Interesting article. Thanks.

  • All apps are very nice and wonderful to use. I hope so they given application are indeed wonderful to use..

  • Alexandre Potvin

    Tuture, really?

    Google Now does this “without need for input”, too.