United Taxi is the first cab company in Ontario to offer in-car WiFi


  • vn33

    I’d say this is the right way to compete with Uber, offering useful, value-added options to the customer. Don’t think clogging up the roads will bring better results.
    To be fair though, the licensing system is all screwed up where the plate (license) owner benefits, not the renters (drivers themselves). From that perspective, I totally understand why the drivers are p*ssed-mad !

  • Over Cumall

    York Region Taxi Driver here to tell you Drivers in York have been providing free WiFi in their taxis for quite some time now. Its done by turning on their Smartphone’s WiFi hotspot which then shares its cellular network data connection with whomever is in or very near the vehicle.
    And we got the idea from Toronto Cabbies who were doing it long ago.

    The trend toward Cell Service Providers like Wind Mobile offering unlimited data makes it inexpensive. We also have charging stations and the cables in the vehicle for customer use and I have found that the power outlets and cables are more useful and appreciated than the WiFi.

  • Alain Lafond

    At least this improvement comes from a legal provider, respecting laws…
    But it’s coming everywhere. I also heard that a Montreal taxicab (Teo) is on the way to put all-electric cars on the road with wi-fi. Times are cahnging!