Fitness apparel maker Asics has acquired Runkeeper

Since the very first smartphone, runners (and other athletes) have been using these devices to track runs and other physical activity. As athletic apparel companies seek to improve their customers’ workouts, many are adding smart technology to their products in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

On Medium today, the founder of Runkeeper, Jason Jacobs, posted that the run tracking app is being acquired by fitness apparel company Asics. Jacobs says that Asics is the most popular brand of shoes to show up in the app’s Shoe Tracker feature, and that the business will carry on as before, albeit with more resources.

Runkeeper is just the latest in a string of fitness apps being purchased by large companies. In the last year, Under Armour (MyFitnessPal), Adidas (Runtastic), and Facebook (Moves) have acquired activity tracking apps.