GO Transit mobile apps have ‘reached the end of its lifespan,’ directs people to its mobile website


  • pvanb

    I guess that’s a nice way of saying “put out of its misery.”

    • Nah it’s a nice way of saying DMZ at Ryerson are a bunch of MORONS and cannot keep up with the bugs created with poor programming and that it’s costing Go Transit mega $$ for free services.

      Furthermore it’s pathetic that Go Transit cannot use a simple core code that is compiled into Java for Android, Swift for iOS/OSX as the base compiler and well apks for BB10 dieing age.

    • KiwiBri

      yeah, its a pain to have to have a data connection to get basic timetable data (not talking updates, just the regular schedule). Rogers is so over subscribed at Union station., Its useless. As least there are nice new screens to read the info on now.

  • Poodz

    Or you can just use Google maps with transit directions.

    • Anaron

      Transit App is even better. You can set alarms for arrival and departure times. And you can view where the bus/subway is via GPS.

    • THE Real

      Transit app is one of the greatest transit apps made. It’s 2016 Metrolinx.. there’s no excuse as to not try and make another app for GO to help thousands of people who use their trains/buses. Yet they raise the fare all the time.. smh.

  • CanadianGuy37

    Not really needed any more, so this isn’t too bad. It frequently was showing the wrong time for me, but regardless it would make sense for GO to bring out their own app. For now Google maps,or an assortment of other apps, will work fine.

  • I’ve been using Montreal’s STM mobile web site for ages (their app never worked for me) and it’s great! There’s less and less reason for native apps when local processing power or significant local storage isn’t required.

    Apps like this are the perfect candidates for mobile web sites.

    And all you need to do is put a short-cut on your home screen and the experience is virtually identical to a native app.

  • deltatux

    We always forget that for information like this, it’s better and cheaper to deploy it as a mobile website than a mobile app. Unless it needs something natively from the device, it shouldn’t be an app.

    If one really needs an app, the Transit app works wonders, works with Android Wear too.

  • TP

    I am a regular GO rider, and TBH I am not one bit concerned. When was the last time I checked the schedule?
    If you are a frequent rider, you already know the regular arrival time (and on a normal day it is very accurate). Also if you are a frequent rider, it is likely that you subscribed to the email alert, so if delayed you get an email.
    If you are not a frequent rider, no point in having a GO-specific app installed on your phone.

    • ticky13

      Email alerts? How archaic.

    • TP

      Anything wrong with it?

  • cartfan88

    In some ways are we seeing a reversal of the “need for apps”?… In this case most of the comments here appear to be ok with the web version.

    In another case Bell’s Satellite TV PVR app hasn’t been updated in 1.5 years and only works on Kitkat or lower. The web interface is clunky and the iOS one works but remains slow. It was tech in licensed from Sling back in 09. Seems to have been left for dead. Maybe they just don’t care about the satellite subscribers anymore? At least in the GO example it appears the effort has been put toward a better multi OS web version.

  • mxmgodin

    There are 3rd party apps available, such as GOToronto, but it costs $1.19 CAD

    Most transit apps have Go Transit integrated in them too, anyway. Transit, Citymapper, Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.

  • KiwiBri

    The web site doesn’t support favourite routes for a quick look up.

  • Nicholas Ferreira

    Please bring back the mobile app for Android. Those students did great work at the DMZ, please make the effort and investment to bring this app back. The mobile site is and never will be as convenient. Trust me, I’ve tried. Your customers are paying premium dollars to travel with you–they deserve at least a basic app in return. I’m sure I speak for most when I say it’s an investment we’re willing for you to pay for on our behalf.