BlackBerry Priv Specs, Pricing and Canadian Availability


  • Tyler Hardeman

    This needed to be a $500USD device to have any hope.

    An opportunity, missed. The Story of BlackBerry. (which could be the title of the book about their demise)

    • JTon

      We all want more for less eh. If the quality of this phone is high (build and experience) then I think this is a fair price

    • Tyler Hardeman

      There’e practicality to it. Look at a phone like the Nexus 6P. that’s a $500USD phone. Is the Prive $200 better than it? It is really hard to get away with charging $700USD for a phone now. Lots of great phones that do not cost that much.

    • JTon

      > Is the Priv $200 better than it?

      It’s up to the individual. Both phones are beasts no doubt. I think a bunch of people will pay extra for blackberry build quality, a physical keyboard, blackberry productivity apps, and blackberry security. There’s a lot of extra value there over vanilla android.

    • AnythingFFS

      Not to mention SDCard and Wireless charging.

    • Columbo

      The Nexus line is notoriously sold to undercut competitors by a company worth $600 Billion, so not really a fair comparison. The price is in line with flagships from Samsung etc.

    • Tyler Hardeman

      the only phones you see that are in that $700 US range now are from apple and samsung. Look at the Moto X Style/Pure. That’s a hell of a phone for $400 USD. the LG G4, while not quite down to that level was a $550 USD phone at launch. The Nexus line hasn’t always been about about undercutting the price of OEM’s for. The Nexus S and GNex were premium phones. The Nexus 6, as maligned as it was, was a high end phone with a price to match other high end phones. the 5X and 6P are competitive with other phones in their range for specs and features.

      a flagship doesn’t have to be $700 anymore. In fact, I’d argue that it probably shouldn’t be, as we move more and more away from the subsidized model.

    • Columbo

      “the only phones you see that are in that $700 US range now are from apple and samsung. ”

      Yup, and those happen to be the only 2 manufactures who make ANY profit from phones.

    • HighFlight

      “the only phones you see that are in that $700 US range now are from apple and samsung.”

      True, and if the point of the Priv was to be another Android phone – even a high-end Android phone – then what justifies its existence?

      It’s got some great things going for it – BlackBerry build quality (according to reports), excellent specs, Android app availability with at least some retained BB10 OS features, on-screen as well as physical keyboard, expandable uSD memory, etc. However, as the name implies, it’s about locking down a very leaky Android hardware-software combination for security, and how much of a price tag can be put on that. Do you care? Do I care? If not, it’s definitely not worth a $150-200 price adder. And if not enough people care, even if they should care, it won’t be good for the success of this phone and ultimately the company.

      Do many know that the CVE database lists 699 vulnerabilities for iOS, 138 for Google Android, and 4 for BlackBerry 10 OS (of which there are 0 after release 10.2.1)? The truth is, there is widespread ignorance by consumers and businesses alike regarding 1. the existence of a lack of security, and 2. the implications of a lack of security.

      We, collectively, just haven’t been bitten hard enough by it yet, except for a few arms-length media irritations about leaked personal pictures and government snooping. BB10 OS is excellent all-around, but according to the market, the availability of millions of gaming apps trumps personal security. So the next best thing might be a secured Android phone with a higher price tag. I hope it flies.

    • Goldsab

      ” BB10 OS is excellent all-around” Easy to speculate that its good. But as a cell phone repair tech it is atrocious. Its the nightmare none of us want to see come in. Its extremely unreliable. Whats the point of great security if you have to worry about your own device permanently deleting your “Secure Information” with literally no warning, Or having the O/S crash entirely with no warning.

    • HighFlight

      I was also a cell phone repair tech for a time, but our shop experience was perhaps different from yours, and perhaps you are confusing BB10 with the old BB OS phones? We usually only saw BB10 for unlocks or the occasional cracked case from dropping on edge. The ones we really liked to see, and made money on, were the endless streams of iPhones coming in the door with shattered screens and dead home buttons.

    • coolspot

      There are probably 100x more iPhone users than BB users so your comment about endless stream of Apple devices is not a good basis for comparison.

    • HighFlight

      My comment was simply from personal experience in the business, and our shop did not generally see the same types of faults on BB10 OS devices as those mentioned by Goldsab, even though we were in a BlackBerry-heavy area with government and banking. Thus my question whether old BBOS device problems (of which we had a large box of written-off devices) were being lumped in with the BB10 OS devices, which are very different. As far as Apple repairs are concerned, they were welcomed because they were bread and butter for the business at 100:1.

    • jroc

      Maybe 2 years ago, but not now. The N6 and N6P had/have flagship prices.

      As for the pricing for the Priv, it’s terrible. BB needs to sell a bunch of these and that price isn’t going to help their cause.

    • Mindmeld

      Selling bunch at a loss is not good business. If BB can’t sell each unit at some profit, it should close down the hardware business. Given the direction it’s going, no need for BB to price Priv like a mid-range. If it doesn’t sell, so be it.

    • St. Misery

      There was a book about this, called Losing the Signal 🙂

    • Columbo

      At $500 they would be the new Sony or HTC, selling several million phones but bleeding money from their handset division.

    • Malibu

      did you see how much external strogae it can handle………..2TB

    • danhenny_76

      yes but google 2TB micro Sd card and guess what – doesn’t exist yet lol -they released a 512gb micro sd card in july -its on amazon for $445USD (600+ Canadian?)

    • HighFlight

      Up to 200 GB are available now, and larger capacities and lower prices are sure to follow. This figure of 2 TB seems ridiculous now, but is actually very forward-thinking for once, and a huge advantage. People will find ways to use all of it.

    • Ronald

      Nobody buys their phones out right anyway, $600-1000 doesnt matter. Most will sign a two year contract if the device is worth it. The Priv looks excellent in terms of hardware and design, its running close to stock android as well. Lets wait and see what happens to early to claim failure. BB doesnt need to match sales numbers of that of iPhone and Galaxy they just need to sell phones

  • At the price point it will probably be limited to professionals, but we can’t really expect them to take a loss either. An iPhone 6S (not a Plus) starts at $900 with significant cheaper parts inside – but granted, some fantastic manufacturing processes – and nobody bats an eye. BlackBerry is probably still running a relatively small profit margin at these prices for those specs.

    • JTon

      No kidding. This thing is a beast.

    • Chris Thieblot

      +1 for reality. I don’t like the price, but I’ll pay it because BB deserves it.

    • Brian Sharon

      Oh, hi.

    • Brad Fortin

      “with significant cheaper parts inside”

      That’s a pretty contentious statement considering Apple’s costs are typically more than its competitors’ costs, and sometimes more than competitors’ retail price.

    • An oversimplification, perhaps, yes. They do have some higher costs – e.g. they score better than average on actually paying factory workers, although still well below a living wage.

      I was speaking strictly of the parts themselves – an 8 core processor broadly speaking will cost more than a dual core, 3GB of RAM broadly speaking will cost more than 2 GB of RAM, 32GB of flash memory broadly speaking will cost more than 16GB, and so on. And because BlackBerry can’t buy in as big of bulk as Apple, the difference gets wider. But yes, speaking only of the specs themselves is an oversimplification. There’s only so much cost breakdown we can give in a comment and I picked one particular area that stood out to me.

    • aniym

      Part of the reason people put up with high iPhone prices is because they hold value like crazy. A 3 year old iPhone 5 will easily fetch $300 on Kijiji/Craigslist, whereas even a top spec Android from that time (Galaxy S3) will go for less than half that.

    • Yes, I definitely give Apple lots of credit for longevity of their products and I’m sure many people factor that in when they buy it. I’ve never owned an iPhone but I did have a MacBook. I think it was a little under $2000 including the warranty when I bought it and sold for $500 four years later, which is a pretty good return as far as technology goes. It had one hardware problem in that time (fixed on warranty) and was still in great shape at sale other than the usual battery degrading over time.

      I’ve never had a BlackBerry run into any hardware problems, but I’ve also never used the same one for more than 2 years before I upgraded anyway, so probably not a fair comparison. And I’ve never tried to sell them – I either hand them down to a family member or find a trade-up program.

    • HeyStupid

      It’s actually more apt to compare it to the 6s Plus starting at $1029 because they both have ~5.5″ displays. But I have to admit that as an andorid user now this unit with keyboard and security have a strong appeal to me. I’ve also used the BB10 hub and it’s pretty slick having all notifications in one place.

    • Koolbreeze

      The Hub is best thing since poutine

    • midnightdoom

      Now I’m hungry for poutine

    • ashman


    • Ceribaen

      How about comparing apples to apples and compare it to the other similarly sized and spec’d Android phones (5-5.5″ screen, 2-3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, Snapdragon 808/810): Nexus 5X, LG G4, Xperia Z5, HTC One M9, and so on.

      With this I think it’s probably about 150-200CAD too high. The Rogers outright price is a bit more tolerable if that was the unlocked price, but also the contract price means that it’s the least subsidized and highest priced contract phone they offer (only 400 off rather than 500-550 they typically offer).

    • Mindmeld

      Like someone mentioned above, phones you mentioned all lose money. If BB can’t sell hardware profitably, it will close the division down. Btw, a more fair comparison would be an Adroid phone with similar spec’s AND a hard keyboard. Oh, wait…

    • I love the Hub. If BB10 does go under, the determining factor for my next phone will probably be which platform gets closest to that. My big question for the Priv and the BlackBerry Hub app on Android in general is how well integrated it will be – will it be like on BB10 where it truly is the hub of everything you do, or will it just be a nice notificaitons and email app thrown on top?

    • Benny X

      If I had to make a prediction, I’d say Windows Mobile 10 will probably evolve to incorporate something similar to the Hub concept.

    • Karl Schneider

      BB10 will never go under. If all else failed the US Government would probably by it. They might not let you use it but :).

    • Bitekr

      there are videos of the integration and it looks good.

    • Karl Schneider

      It will have the Hub but you will lose many of the shortcuts when used on BB10. Still great but you will lose some in the translation.

    • ashman

      All this time…I was day dreaming..oh wind is going to sell it for $299. Just found it..its going to be $399, please wind..keep it under 300..

  • Anthony Roberts

    You forgot to add wireless charging as a spec as well.

    • ksoze

      No. They didn’t – Blackberry has removed the wireless charging description from the specs released today.

    • Anthony Roberts

      WTH?!?! Ugh that was one of the selling points for me…..ugh…thanks for letting me know 🙂

    • J.S.Bach

      Going from bad to worse eh Anthony? LOL

    • Anthony Roberts

      LOL what I don’t understand amongst all this isnt the phone or pricing but um this is your biggest and best phone since…ever….so….WHY NO LAUNCH EVENT!?!?! Or even a 10 min DEMO on youtube of the phone??? Man their products are amazing and so on but man management seems like its ran by a bunch of Neanderthals …..LOL Blackberry I love you but sometimes you guys make me laugh.

    • J.S.Bach

      I don’t recall the Passport or Classic launch being all that great. Same with the Leap when they introduced that in Spain last spring.
      This company just sucks at marketing and/or they’re afraid of trying to pack a room where maybe 100 people show up. Most using competitors devices. It’s to be expected here. The days of this company being able to attract a Google I/O, Apple Event or Microsoft launch crowds are long over and another Android device isn’t going to make much difference to their fortunes. Neanderthals yes, but sadly I think they’re aware of the pathetic number of people that would attend.

      I get a laugh how Starbucks can plaster Toronto subways stations advertising the launch of an app feature allowing you to pre-order coffee but this company won’t spend a time on one poster advertising anything.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yah but at least there was an event!!!! The Z10 and Q10 Launch was great in terms of hype if they applied that to the Priv would have been great and LOL yup I see the ad on the subway all the time lol Even THAT lets say at Bloor station plastered all over would have been great….

    • I’d like to see BlackBerry sales staff open “pop up shops” on major Toronto street corners for a few days to really show off and process Priv orders. Gotta make that sales team work 🙂

    • Anthony Roberts

      They need to hire you for some ideas LOL

    • My approach won’t be google-friendly, for example I’d peddle the passport/classic/BBOS10 sideloaded so it runs Android apps.

      would sell 1000 bbos units a day 🙂

    • Just A Thought

      I worked for a marketing company a few years back that worked directly with BB. they invest ALOT of money in brand placement, but we all agree there marketing is horrible. Also, im sure you would agree with me… i want this phone, but even 50.00 less would make a HUGE difference. its a hefty cost.. i was prepared to spend 200.00 on a 2 yr

    • Benny X

      Starbucks has the money for advertising. Blackberry doesn’t.

    • aniym

      The top management of BB cares about software and business services a la IBM, they’re not device guys. Shame, since the old guard made such an effort to promote a DOA OS like BB10.

    • ksoze

      I was looking forward to this phone as well. I also feel this phone is priced a little too high.
      Not really compelling enough to make me switch from the Note 4.

    • Anthony Roberts

      I would wait for a sale or something..that is what I am doing and I will get the US version since it has wireless charging…

    • ToniCipriani

      Removed from CA and UK specs, still there in US and FCC documents.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Interesting so again a blasted exclusive to the US like the Z30 did…….UGH

    • AnythingFFS

      I ordered for that feature so I just called BB Store to check on that and they said it *does* support wireless charging but that there is no charging base included. I’m not sure I trust the support guy 100% but maybe others can call to check?

    • AnythingFFS

      BB Shop number is 1-866-957-0761

    • Benny X

      One of the American carriers had a wireless charging Z30 made specially for them, so it’s not inconceivable that the same thing will happen with the Priv.

    • AnythingFFS

      I hope wireless charging isn’t a US-only thing. I’ll try to confirm before it arrives, but if not, they do offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee where they will refund the whole purchase price.

    • Benny X

      if wireless charging is really important to you, it can be added, but you’ll have to give up your phone’s USB port.

    • it is compatible with qualcomm quick charge 2.

  • Kven

    Blackberry have nowhere near the brand cache to compete with Apple and Samsung. There are only two players at that end of the market, no matter how you try to spin the specs game. At that price its a niche device only hardcore fans of the brand will stomach. That is nowhere close to being enough for Blackberry to continue making hardware.

    • Benny X

      When it comes to brand cache, I certainly wouldn’t lump Samsung in with Apple. Samsung releases far too many devices (and many low-end ones, at that) to have the same kind of ‘brand draw’ as Apple.

  • aniym

    $899 is absurd; I could buy the Surface Pro 3 with that. I was ready to pay $750 for this, which is already way more than what I pay for phones. Shame, as I really wanted the keyboard. Maybe some of the other OEMs will start making KB phones as well, at a more reasonable price.

  • Dear MobileSyrup, any chance you could put together a table to compare Priv to Samsung Edge and Nexus? Priv already has a few advantages: Bigger battery, MicroSD, 18MP sensor.

    I’ve sent a POLL over to my 17,000 followers and so far the users (in the US) are in favor of the Priv’s pre-order pricing.

  • HeyStupid

    If you do the conversion of $699US to CDN it actually costs less in Canada.

  • Mike Baughan

    As much as people hate on Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile, the Lumia 950 (very similar specs, better cameras, better screen, wireless charging + NFC, albeit no sliding keyboard) sells for $749 and the 950 XL with a liquid cooled Snapdragon 810 (+ a better GPU, same other specs as the 950) sells for $849, featuring legendary Nokia build quality.
    It’s too bad there is such negative perception around Windows Phone because the devices and the price points are pretty solid (as is the experience, in my opinion).
    It’s good to see BB generating some interest and some publicity though. Hopefully this is the start of a good trend for them.

    • Benny X

      The Windows Phone platform has a dearth of quality apps. Much like Blackberry’s BB10 platform. The Priv may have different specs from the Lumia 950, but it can run all the ‘big name’ apps, and then some.
      That’s worth more to most people than a slight difference in specs.

    • G.P.

      I am very much Pro WP, and I will be buying the 950xl myself when it comes available from the MS store. I can’t wait to see what MS has in up their sleeves with easy transition of dev’s to just click a box so that their android apps work on wp10.

  • Goran Mihajlović

    800cad means about 600usd. The exchange rate hurts. I still think that it’s more important to get sale numbers than high profit margins. LG makes only 1.2 cents per g4 atm. Perhaps BlackBerry should go with a somewhat less extreme and still make some cash but not charge 800.

    I feel insulted by the 2mp ffc. The Playbook had a 3mp ffc and everyone just about down to mid-range phones now runs 5mp+. Selfies are simply a thing of the present, plus video talk. I’ve seen photo on CB of it thag look great, but in perfect light conditions. How about every other scenario ? I hope that it’s the best damn 2mp sensor there is. I also hope there’s still a large enough android pkb wanting crowd left.

    • Benny X

      You can’t simply compare megapixels and conclude the device with more of them is superior. It doesn’t work that way. Sensor size, post-processing, software controls, OIS… there’s a lot more to it than just megapixels.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      It’s one of the biggest factors up to ~5mp. I am well aware there’s much more to it. I also said that it had better be the best 2mp sensor there is, implying I very well understand there’s more to it. I’m thoroughly disappointed with ffc for BlackBerry devices, given the Playbook had a good one and then after….

    • ToniCipriani

      It could be a physical limitation. You can only put that big of a sensor in two thin halves.

    • Benny X

      well, you’re more informed than the majority of people then, for whom bigger numbers = better, in their mind.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Toni: I find that unlikely given the M4 Aqua for 300 CAD has a 5MP FFC with 88 degree wide angle lens in a 7mm thick frame. It’s not bad. Certainly better than any 2MP FFC I’ve seen to date. FFC sensors are generally quite small.

      Benny: Sadly that is generally the case.

  • thekragle

    This is a powerhouse device! Wow. I really hope they configured lolipop to be running on QNX hypervisor… and therefore allow BB10 to run on it as well. The improvements to BB10 over the last couple years has been amazing. Too bad the sheep don’t give it a chance. The media onslaught over the last years has really damaged the company. BB10 is actually a much better OS than what Android and apple offers. And by better I mean faster, more stable, true multi-tasking, and more secure.

  • QFAN

    I would buy at $500CAD.

  • Matthew B

    To be fair, I don’t believe Telus confirmed a $799 CAD outright price. If so I will just buy from them.

  • Faisal Hamim

    Is the Priv a Cat.6 phone or a Cat.4 ?

  • Ron PlayBook

    It is expensive but it is also the best Android smartphone . It is like a pocket sized laptop. It is not meant for Walmart clientele, it is meant for people who need a really good smartphone.

  • Bimmer Benz

    Pricing is too high. You’re now competing with Iphone Are they INSANE!!!

  • rd0t

    I really really wish I could buy this phone.. but $899 plus tax really hurts for those of us who purchase our devices unlocked/off-contract.

    If you have the money, you will not be disappointed with this device. One of the most exciting Android devices in recent years.

  • Shane Kweens

    The high contract price is what will guarantee poor sales of this phone. Power business users have no problem with the of contract price but there are far too few of them to make a profit from. BB hardware division should just sell itself to a competitor.

  • kroms

    Too expensive. and if you go the 2yr $400 locked in route , you still are paying to much for a Phone which is LOCKED to Rogers.

    Nexus 6P, all the way. Better specs and will still be around in a year.
    The Priv ? Who knows?….


    • Dino

      Nexus 6P better specs? Not true, look again

  • Justin

    MTS has also stated they will also be carrying it “early November”.

  • Chilliwackian

    Be interesting if they drop the price after a bit. Its a unique phone and comparing it to other phones isn’t exactly apples to apples. I expected it to be pricey but its definitely on the high end… my employer will pay the majority so I hope to snap one up Nov 6. The “privacy” factor isn’t even that important to me.. although it probably should be. I love the looks of it, the keyboard option (half my screen won’t go MIA when i’m writing a text!), the expandable storage and the large battery. This isn’t no ordinary Android. I ran a Nexus 5 into the ground a couple months ago and have been running a backup iPhone 5s in the interim… anything is an improvement at this stage. Maybe its the Blackberry nostalgia taking over, (i loved my bold) but I like the fact that I can support a Canadian company for once.

  • David Foggia

    Fkn weak a*s cdn dollar

  • Ram Borr

    Everyone wave to RIM. SEEEEE YA!

  • coolspot

    RIP Blackberry hardware – this device has sealed the hardware division’s fate.

    Too little, too late.