RedFlagDeals iOS app updated with new design

Reflag Deals

Bargain hunters, rejoice. RedFlagDeals has updated its iOS app with a new redesign that makes it easier than ever to take advantage of all the glorious deals out there.

While not the most handsome redesign, what is here is significantly more functional than previous versions of the app.

There are now four icons across the top of the app’s home screen that allow access to the site’s news, flyers and deals sections. It’s also possible to visit the website’s forum using the fourth icon.

Once in one of the first three sections, the most recent news, flyers and deals are placed at the top, and swiping down will scroll down to older items. Additionally, while in the flyers and deals sections, swiping right will switch between smaller categories like apparel, entertainment and so on. It’s also possible to switch between these categories by tapping on the small category tags under the main tabs.

It’s a usage paradigm that makes it easy to find compelling deals quickly.

iOS users can download the update now through the App Store.

As for when the Android app will be updated, RedFlagDeals haven’t said when the update will make its way to Google’s mobile operating system.

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